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CE says FDHs will be allowed to enter HK gradually

24 August 2021

By The SUN 

CE Lam says FDHs will be allowed in on a controlled and gradual manner

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said that Hong Kong will control the number of foreign domestic helpers entering the city so they will not “create pressure” on the government.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Executive Council meeting earlier today, Lam said: "The number of foreign domestic helpers who could come back to Hong Kong through this special arrangement has to be rationed, has to be controlled.”


She added, "We could not allow thousands of foreign domestic helpers to come in every week, otherwise, the chance of having more confirmed cases either discovered at the airport or during the quarantine periods will overload Hong Kong's public hospital system."

The top official said a designated quarantine hotel for FDHs has already been selected, and it can accommodate up to 400 guests. Another one will be picked out soon. Reports say the first hotel chosen is Silka Far East hotel in Tsuen Wan.

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Given that all FDHs coming in from high-risk countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia are required to spend 21 days in quarantine, only about 1,000 of them can come in each month, even if a second hotel is designated for their use.

The CE said officials should be able to give more details this week on the plan to start allowing helpers from the two countries to travel to Hong Kong for work.


At least 3,000 FDHs with employment visas are reported to have been stranded in the Philippines alone since a flight ban on the country was imposed on Apr 20 after it was designated as “high risk” for Covid-19.

Indonesia was included in the list on Jun 25.


The ban on passenger flights from all high-risk countries was officially lifted on Aug 9, but only for those with vaccination records recognized by Hong Kong, eliminating everyone, residents or FDHs, who had their vaccination in the Philippines or Indonesia.

CE Lam says details of scheme to allow FDHs to enter HK will be announced soon

CE Lam confirmed that talks have been ongoing with the consulates of the two countries on vaccination recognition, but did not mention any deal being struck, or whether a date has been set for the start for the workers’ return.

She appealed to employers waiting for helpers to join them in Hong Kong to be patient.

“They (helpers) will have to come in phases, so I would like to ask employers to be more patient with the system because they will not be able to welcome their foreign domestic helpers within a short period,” she said.

In addition to the 21-day quarantine at a designated hotel, all FDHs flying in will have to present a recognized vaccination record and a negative result for a RT-PCR test done within 72 hours before departing for Hong Kong.

Reports say Silka Hotel in Tsuen Wan is the first designated quarantine place for FDHs
They will also have to undergo six more tests during compulsory quarantine, self-monitor for a further seven days, and do another test on the 26th day after arrival at a community testing centre in Hong Kong.
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