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FDH section of Immigration closed again over mutant virus case

24 August 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap


Staff at the FDH section of Immigration Tower in Wanchai will get tested again today

In a surprise move, the Foreign Domestic Helpers Section of Immigration Tower in Wanchai will be closed down today, Aug 24, to allow staff working there to undergo Covid-19 testing. Services will resume the next day, Wednesday.

This is the second time the entire third floor of Immigration Tower has been closed down after an FDH who visited there between 8am and 11am on Aug 13 was found to carry the L452R strain of the coronavirus.


The first time was on Aug 14, a Saturday, after the 38-year-old helper was confirmed as Covid positive. The FDH section was closed down for disinfection that day, and resumed operations on Aug 16.

The FDH arrived on Aug 1, and left her quarantine hotel after seven days. She moved into her employer’s home in Stanley and went to several places in Wanchai and Central before testing positive for the mutant strain on her 12th day sample.

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Experts later found out that she had been infected by a couple from the United States who had flown on the same Cathay Pacific flight from Los Angeles, and stayed in a room opposite to hers at Dorsett Hotel in Wan Chai.

Health Department records show the FDH remains in hospital in stable condition.


The helper had received two doses of the BioNTech vaccine in Hong Kong before leaving for the US. She also tested positive for antibodies on a test conducted by a local laboratory on Jul 27.

A compulsory testing order was first issued on Aug 14 for everyone who was at the FDH section of Immigration after her variant infection was confirmed.


According to the latest government press release, staff as well as visitors who were at the FDH section at the relevant date and times will need to undergo a second round of testing.

The same compulsory testing order was issued for people who were at two other places that the FDH had visited during the infectious period.

These are the Hong Kong Tennis Centre on Wong Nai Chung Gap Road in Happy Valley, at any time between 7pm to 10pm on Aug 12; and everyone who took buses running on route number 260 from Stanley Village to Central (Exchange Square), from 8am to 9:30am on Aug 13.

Everyone covered by the CTNs must get tested no later than Aug 25.
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