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2 Pinays charged with breaching visa rules, illegal sale of liquor

11 September 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The 2 Filipinas were arrested inside a pub in Fai Man building in Central

Two Filipinas, one holding a recognizance paper and another on visitor’s visa, were charged in Eastern Court on Friday for illegal sale and possession of liquor, violating gathering restrictions, and breaching immigration laws.

Jenivib A. Balanggao, 34, and Mary May C. Soriano, 38, who both used to work as domestic helpers, were read a total of 10 charges when they appeared before Magistrate Ivy Chui. No plea was taken.

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The prosecution said the two were arrested during an operation by officers from the Central Police District on Mar 12-13 at a pub in Room 203 of Fai Man Bldg, Li Yuen St West, Central.

Undercover officers went to the building on the evening of Mar 12 as part of an operation to check whether catering businesses in the narrow bazaar popularly called “alley-alley” were complying with a government order to close down during specified periods.

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They found the pub on the second floor open and pretended to be customers. After ordering a beer each and some food, the officers paid the bill and left. But they returned with a raiding team after midnight and arrested the two women.

An identity check found out that both were former domestic workers who had been prematurely dismissed by their employers, the prosecution said.


Balanggao and Soriano were each charged with two counts of selling liquor without a license and two of possessing liquor for sale without a license on Mar 12 and Mar 13 inclusive.

They also faced two charges of being “persons responsible for carrying on a catering business failing to comply with…the Prevention and Control of Disease (Business and Premises) Regulation 599F” that called for the premises to be closed at the time.


Likewise, the two women each faced two charges of “knowingly allowing a prohibited group gathering to take placer in a place they) controlled or operated, contrary to Regulation 599G.


Balanggao was charged separately with violating a “prohibition of taking employment, paid or unpaid, and establishing business” while a removal order was in force against her.

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Soriano was charged with “breach of condition of stay” for taking up work while on a visitor’s visa.

Magistrate Chui adjourned the case until Oct 18 and extended the bail of the two defendants.
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