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Filipina DH looks for owner of thousand-dollar bills she found in MTR station

17 September 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

Are you the owner of these thousand-dollar bills found inside Kowloon MTR?

Anybody here lost a couple of thousand dollars inside the Kowloon MTR station yesterday?

Herminihilda B. Molina, 34, wants to know. She has asked The SUN for help in locating the owner of a number of thousand-dollar bills folded together which she found while seated on one of the benches inside the MTR station.

Molina said she sat there in the early afternoon while waiting for the clinic where she was to have a flu vaccine shot to open. After finding the bills, she found a $20 note nearby, which presumably was dropped by the same person.

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She said she asked around if anybody had lost money, but nobody did. One of the people around said a man had last sat at the spot where she was.

Not seeing anyone in the immediate vicinity who appeared to be looking for the money, Molina said she turned over the entire amount that she found at a lady staff member of the MTR station, who proceeded to take down her name and contact number.


“Baka po makatulong ang page ninyo para ma-claim na po ng may-ari ang perang napulot ko,” Molina said. “Thanks and God bless.”

Molina says it never crossed her mind to keep the money

Asked if she never thought of just keeping the money since it did not come with any means of identifying the owner, Molina said: “Hindi ko po talaga inisip na itago kasi alam ko po ang pakiramdam ng mawalan. Dati po kasi, nanakaw ang bag ng nanay ko nong 2015, laman ang pera at passbook nya. Halos nabaliw siya kasi malaki-laking pera po ang nasa bag niya. At isa pa, hindi po (ito) galing sa sarili kong pawis. Ayaw ko po ipakain sa pamilya ko ang hindi ko pinagpaguran.”

Pindutin para sa detalye

(I never thought of keeping it because I know the feeling of someone who lost something valuable. My mother’s bag was stolen in 2015, and it contained money and her passport. She nearly lost her mind because the money she lost was quite huge. Further, this is something that did not come from my own sweat. I do not wish to feed my family with something I did not work hard for).


Under Hong Kong laws, theft by finding is treated just like any other offences of theft, for which the maximum penalty is 10 years in jail.

However, under the Police Force Ordinance, the finder gets to keep the money or good lost if no owner steps forward to claim it within three months.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

But exceptions have been made for owners who fail to make a timely claim, as in the case in 2012 of a Macau punter who left his gambling winnings amounting to $2 million inside a taxi, and stepped forward to claim it only after six months.

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