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Free ride on the ‘ding-ding’ on Mid-Autumn Festival

16 September 2021

By The SUN 

Free tram rides are on offer again next Tuesday, the Mid-Autum Festival day

Another day of free rides on the tram is offered to the public on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival next Tuesday, Sept 21.

The freebie is courtesy of Huatai International, which is celebrating the first anniversary of its mobile stock trading application, Zhangle Global.

“Please enjoy free tram rides in this Mid-Autumn Festival and have a taste of the true “0 Hidden Fees” experience brought to you by the Zhangle Global app,” says a statement from the company posted on HK Tramway’s website.

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As the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a working day, office workers and those who take the tram as part of their daily routine will gain the most from the offer. Had it been timed for the next day, Sept 22, people on holiday, including foreign domestic workers, would have benefited. 

Huatai says that along with the tram ads for James Bond 007 movies on its special day there will be a banner theme on fencing.


"The fencing-themed advertisement signifies the hard work and breakthroughs Hong Kong athletes achieved at the Tokyo Games and reminds Hongkongers of the precious moments they had together," Huatai says.

It was in fencing where Hong Kong won its gold medal in last month’s Tokyo Olympics, courtesy of Edgar Cheung.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

This is the fourth time this year that free tram rides are being offered to the public. The first was another company-sponsored event on Mar 8, the second in celebration of the Handover on Jul 1, and the most recent was on Aug 18, to celebrate a Guinness World Record award for the largest double-decker fleet of trams in service.

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