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Penny’s Bay rooms snapped up until Oct 19

14 September 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

No rooms at Penny's Bay until Oct 19

Within just a day, all available rooms at Penny’s Bay quarantine center set aside for arriving foreign domestic helpers vaccinated outside Hong Kong have been reserved until Oct 19.

This is according to a statement posted on the Labour Department’s website today, Sept 14, the first day of booking for the 800 rooms designated for FDH use at Penny’s Bay.

The government-run facility will start taking in FDHs who have received vaccinations in the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates on Sept. 20.

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The advisory said that the reservations that will be made starting 9am of Sept 17 will be for slots that will be opened for Oct. 20, and the next day for Oct. 21, and so on.

But, “if there are reserved rooms released by applicants, they will be open for booking again,” said the announcement.

Reservations for Penny’s Bay should be made here:


Earlier, Labour Secretary Law Chi-kwong said only about 50 rooms at Penny’s Bay will be released per day to ensure that the thousands of FDHs who have been waiting to come to Hong Kong will be allowed entry in a gradual and orderly manner.

The 400-room Silka Tsuen Wan hotel, the first to be designated as a quarantine facility for incoming FDHs, has been fully booked until November as soon as it started taking in online applications in late August.

Rooms at Penny’s Bay cost $480 a night, while Silka charges nearly double, at $800 a night, for the 21-day hotel quarantine of the FDHs who will be coming from Category A or high-risk places and were vaccinated outside Hong Kong.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

FDHs who got their jabs in Hong Kong before going to their home countries have the option of also staying at the two facilities, or at any of the designated quarantine hotels for incoming travelers.

Returning residents, even those vaccinated outside Hong Kong, are not allowed to book a room at either facility which are designated for exclusive use by FDHs. They must spend their compulsory quarantine at any of the designated hotels listed here:

A room at Silka Tsuen Wan costs $800 a night

When accepting bookings at Penny’s Bay, the Labour Dept says it will process the applications in the order of submission.

Applicants will be contacted within one or two days for an acknowledgement of their applications, and asked to submit relevant documents such as a copy of their passport, valid employment visa and vaccination record.

After verifying the documents, Labour will issue a demand note, and the applicant must pay and submit a copy of the receipt within a specified period. A booking confirmation will then be sent to the applicant.

Those who will book a room at Penny’s Bay are reminded of the following:

1)     They must bring their own mobile phone with charger and mobile data service to enable communication with staff during the quarantine period. But they will be given a 50G local mobile data card on checking in.

2)     They shall keep their mobile phone in working condition to receive calls from medical staff

3)     After completing quarantine procedures, including specimen collection and baggage claim, FDHs must take the designated transport in going to the facility for check-in

4)     FDHs must stay in the facility for compulsory quarantine (normally for 21 days) and must not leave unless with written approval from an officer from the Department of Health. They must stay in their rooms at all times.

5)     Basic facilities like bed, quilt, pillow, wardrobe, portable electric water boiler, air conditioner and gas water heater will be provide in the room. FDHs will also be given basic necessities, personal toiletries and a welcome pack.

6)     Three meals will be provided daily. Breakfast will be between 7:30am to 8:30am, lunch at 11:30am to 12:30pm and dinner between 6pm and 7pm. Meals will be delivered outside their rooms.

7)     FDHs who feel unwell should immediately contact staff through the hotline

8)     All belongings of FDHs should remain with them in their rooms until the successful completion of quarantine.

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