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7-year-old half-Filipina girl dies 8 days after choking on jelly

27 October 2021

By The SUN 

The girl was in intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital before she passed on

A seven-year-old Pakistani-Filipino girl who choked on jelly while in school passed away at 1:28pm today, Oct 27, after eight days in intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital.

Reports say the girl, a primary two student at Chiu Sheung School Hong Kong in Sai Wan, choked on jelly candies during recess last Wednesday morning.

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She began to suffocate and froth on the mouth before collapsing. Her classmates called for help, and a teacher reportedly performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the girl, who then expelled the jelly, but remained unconscious.


She was rushed to the hospital where she briefly regained consciousness, but remained in critical condition.

The girl, who is said to be the daughter of a Filipino mother and a Pakistani father, eventually passed away this afternoon.


The Centre for Food Safety has been posting reminders to parents about several types of jellies that could cause children to choke, particularly konjaco or cup jelly, which usually come in a range of fruity flavors, some of which even contain a small piece of fruit or konjac.

Konjac jellies could cause choking as they are harder and are often taken in one gulp

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They are a favorite with children because the jelly, which is contained in mini plastic cups, can be consumed anywhere without refrigeration.

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However, this type of jellies could be dangerous, especially to small children, as they are often sucked out directly into the mouth. But since they are harder than ordinary jellies they do not dissolve easily in the mouth.

If the jelly does not dissolve into pieces, it could block the windpipes and cause suffocation.


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