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CargoFlex HK was bleeding money, says ex-director

18 October 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

CargoFlex HK collapsed from heavy financial losses, says ex-director

A resigned director of CargoFlex Hong Kong has told the Consulate in a letter that the beleaguered shipping company was unable to deliver boxes paid for by customers for the past several months because of huge financial losses.

In her letter dated Oct 12, Imelda M. Lansang said she had written the statement “to explain why CargoFlex HK has failed to deliver as promised some 400 boxes sent by its customers to recipients in the Philippines.”

The company’s irate customers have besieged the Consulate in recent weeks to ask for help in getting their boxes delivered, and to hold to account those responsible for the delayed shipments from as far back as May this year.

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Lansang, who used to be  the only Hong Kong-based director of CargoFlex HK, said she gave notice of her resignation at the end of March this year after realizing that the company’s losses were mounting, and that much of the money that was going down the drain was hers.

Lansang attached an audited financial report of CargoFlex HK for the period of Apr. 1 to Mar 31, showing that she was owed a total of $447,368 by the company. The report also showed the company was in the red by $835,628 at the time.

CargoFlex HK's financial statement shows net loss of nearly $900k at end of March

Despite her huge personal losses and even after tendering her resignation, Lansang said she was forced to fork out a further $138,703 to get more than 400 boxes released from the company’s warehouse in Kowloon last month, and ship them to the Philippines.



She said that after consulting Arlie L. Tero, CargoFlex Philippines’ founder and biggest shareholder of the Hong Kong company, the boxes were sent to Manila with CargoFlex Haulers Corporation as the consignee in the latter part of September.

But the last time she checked, she said the consignee was yet to pull out the boxes from the forwarder as they remained unpaid.

She asked the Consulate to intercede so CargoFlex Philippines would make good on its promise to “prioritize delivery of shipments to each consignee the soonest possible time.” The letter dated Sept 21 was sent to Consul General Raly Tejada by the company’s vice president James C. Pereira.


But in an interview with social media influencer Raffy Tulfo on Oct 13, CargoFlex Haulers’ Dinah Tero said the reason the remaining boxes were still stuck with the shipping company was because "the Hong Kong partner" had run into financial difficulty.

Yung Hong Kong po dapat ang nagbabayad for releasing, pero wala silang binabayad sa amin,” Tero said. (The Hong Kong company should have paid for their release, but they have not yet paid us).

Tulfo had looked into the CargoFlex mess after a number of Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong complained to him about their undelivered boxes. Three of the complainants who appeared on his show said they were given the runaround by company officials when they tried to follow up on their complaint.

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The workers said they had packed and paid for their boxes as early as June and July this year. One said she had filled her box with presents for her young son who was celebrating his birthday in August so it was a big letdown when the cargo did not arrive as promised.

Tero promised that the boxes bound for Luzon would be released and delivered within the month, while those headed for the Visayas and Mindanao would take two more weeks. The three workers immediately said this was the same promise given them before.  

Two of the boxes that were held up for months finally reached their destination
However, in a recent follow-up on the case, the three complainants reported to Tulfo that their boxes had already been delivered, and thanked him for interceding.

That is not the case for many others, apparently. In comments made on the Facebook page of the show, several irate customers complained that their boxes remained undelivered, and hinted that the company had prioritized delivery to the three complainants so as to defuse the tension.

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