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Time to send your Christmas ‘padala’, say door-to-door companies

19 October 2021

By Daisy C L Mandap 

Asian Dragon's office in North Point is a beehive of activities these days
If you are planning to send Christmas gifts home through door-to-door service, do it as soon as possible. This is the reminder from two of the leading cargo companies servicing Filipinos in Hong Kong.

AFreight’s country manager Rosabelle Woolf says their cut-off time this season is earlier than before due to the “erratic schedule of sailing.” She said the two category 8 typhoons that hit Hong Kong last week also caused delays in sailing.

Cora Ong of Asian Dragon says the same thing. “Due to recent changes in the shipping industry, we recommend that you send your boxes earlier than (before),” she said.

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“We are hopeful that circumstances will change. But, it is important to send sooner rather than later.”

Ong says that even when her company gives an estimate of the time the boxes sent from here reach their destinations in the Philippines, one should be prepared to give an allowance of a few more days to be sure.

“We will try our best to avoid delays but some circumstances like shipping line delays are out of our control,” she says.


So senders should plan ahead and pack their boxes early “to show their love and care for their families”, adds Ong.

She says all Christmas packages bound for Visayas and Mindanao are already "due," while the cut-off date for Luzon is Nov 15, and Manila, Nov. 30. She adds these are still subject to weather conditions and the stability of vessel schedules.

AFreight has posted its early cut-off dates for holiday shipments

AFreight has a later cut-off date for Visayas and Mindanao, but earlier for Metro Manila and Rizal. Its advisory says boxes bound for the following areas should be sent out no later than the indicated dates:


Mindanao II:                                       Nov 7

Islands, Visayas II and Mindanao:     Nov 10

Visayas I:                                            Nov 12

Luzon B&C/Bicol:                             Nov 19

Luzon A:                                             Nov 22

Metro Manila & Rizal:                      Nov 28

Even after setting down the cut-off dates, AFreight still urges caution, saying these are based on its normal operating lead time.  

Tunghayan ang isa na namang Kwentong Dream Love

“We encourage everyone to send their boxes before the cut-off dates in case of delays that are beyond our control,” said the company’s advisory.

Woolf says there has been a surge in the number of people sending boxes home even amid the pandemic, despite the overall decline in the FDH population.

Marami kasing amo ang nag relocate at marami sa kanilang mga helpers ang nag for good na. Hindi na naghanap ng amo,” she says.

(There are a lot of employers who have relocated, and their helpers decided to go home for good. They did not look for new employers).

Woolf says most of those who go home for good prefer to send their stuff in boxes so they can travel light.

Kailangan nilang ipadala kasi mahirap ang maraming dala kung i-quarantine pa sila bago makauwi sa final destination,” she explains.

(They need to send their belongings ahead because it will be difficult for them to carry so much stuff since they still need to be quarantined before reaching their final destination).

AFreight may be contacted through its hotline, 2522 4253.

Asian Dragon's hotline is 2571 2311.

Both their locations and other details can be found in The SUN Hong Kong Services Guide 





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