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2nd imported Delta plus case found

11 November 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

The second Delta+ carrier sat in first class near the first patient aboard BA027 on Nov 1

A second person previously reported as infected with Covid-19 has been found to carry the more infectious Delta plus variant, according to a press statement issued by the Centre for Health Protection today, Nov 11.

The patient, identified as case no 12374, is reported to have sat close to the first person to test positive for the AY.43 strain of the Delta variant when they flew to Hong Kong aboard flight BA027 on Nov. 1.

The first identified carrier, case no 12357, took seat 2E while 12374 was at 2B. The first patient is a 62-year-old man who tested positive on his arrival test while the second, who is a 56-year-old man, was found infected on his 5th day sample.

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The CHP said its investigation is continuing.

The 2 Cathay pilots carried a Delta strain commonly found in Germany

Separately, CHP said the two cargo pilots of Cathay Pacific who were confirmed as having Covid-19 yesterday carried the AY.43 strain of the Delta variant. The strain is said to be common in Europe, especially Germany, where the two had come from on Nov. 6.

The two pilots tested negative on arrival at Hong Kong airport, and because they had quarantine-free privilege, were allowed to go home. The samples they provided on Nov 8 in line with regulations were found to carry the L452R strain, with a heavy viral load.


CHP said it is also investigating the genetic sequencing of case no 12379, a third air crew who was reported infected yesterday after flying in from Qatar. The viral load of the third patient is said to be very low, but the available genetics sequencing showed it was not related to the two other cases.

Further, the genetic sequences of all three cases were not found in other previously confirmed cases in Hong Kong, suggesting the infections were all acquired abroad.

But while the two cases of the two pilots were classified as new imported cases, the third was categorized as an imported re-positive case, meaning, he had caught the virus abroad earlier, but was not detected.


Meanwhile three new imported reported today, involving a foreign domestic helper from the Philippines and two residents who came from Thailand and Qatar. All tested positive for the L452R mutant strain of the coronavirus.

The 33-year-old Filipina helper arrived via PR300 on Oct 29 and tested positive on her 12th day sample while in quarantine at Penny’s Bay.

The 62-year-old male returnee from Thailand arrived on Oct 22 via CX 652.  He tested positive on his 18th day in quarantine at 4 Points by Sheraton hotel in Tung Chung.

The 50-year-old male returnee from Qatar arrived on Nov 9 via QR818 and tested positive on his arrival test.

All three patients were fully vaccinated – the helper with Sinovac in the Philippines, the second with Sinopharm in Thailand, and the third with BioNTech in Hong Kong.

They took Hong Kong’s total Covid-19 cases to 12,377 confirmed and one probable case).

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