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Another cargo crew tests preliminary positive for Covid-19, 2 others confirmed

13 November 2021

By The SUN 

Residents of 3 towers in Hamptom Place will be tested for Covid-19 overnight

The Centre for Health Protection has reported that another Cathay Pacific cargo crew who recently returned from Germany has tested preliminary positive for Covid-19 involving the L452R mutant strain.

As a result, an overnight lockdown was ordered on Towers 1, 2 and 3 of Hampton Place in Tai Kok Tsui where he lives, so all residents there could be tested. A compulsory testing notice was also issued for all the places he has visited.

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Separately, CHP reported two more confirmed imported cases today, Nov 13. The two women, aged 49 and 65, both flew in from United Arab Emirates via EK384 on Nov 11 and tested positive on their arrival test.

The younger woman, who originally flew from Mauritius to Dubai, also carried the L452R mutant strain.

Meanwhile, the 53-year-old cargo crew patient who was quarantine-exempt, was allowed to go home after testing negative for the virus on his arrival on Nov 3, potentially exposing his family members and other people to infection.


He is the fourth cargo crew from Cathay to have tested positive for the mutant strain in less than a week.

According to the CHP, the patient tested negative on Oct 31 and left Hong Kong for Germany on Nov. 3. Four days later he returned to Hong Kong via flight CX3188 from Germany, and his arrival test result was negative.

However, his test sample collected yesterday, Nov 12, tested preliminary positive for Covid-19 with Ct value of 24 to 26, indicating a heavy viral load.

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On Wednesday, three other CX cargo air crew were confirmed to have Covid-19.

Two of them, both pilots, carried a mutant strain of the Delta variant commonly found in Europe, especially Germany. As the two were also cleared to go home after testing negative on arrival, their residences and other places they had visited in Hong Kong were put on CTN.

More than 120 kids in the kindergarten and primary grades of Discovery Bay International School had to be sent to Penny’s Bay quarantine centre as well since one of the pilot’s wife taught there, and his two children were students.


A third air cargo crew who tested positive on his arrival from Qatar was found to carry a low viral load so no tests could be done for the presence of a mutant strain. The CHP has since classified this as a re-positive case.

Their cases prompted a further tightening of restrictions on air crew members who need to travel frequently in and out of Hong Kong in the course of their work.

A government advisory posted Friday said the Transport and Housing Bureau has asked airlines to carry out the following measures:


1)     assign on-site personnel to ensure cargo crew comply with the requirements of the closed-loop operation to minimize their infection risks;

2)     impose more restrictions on local cargo crew’s movements during their medical surveillance periods and strengthen monitoring to minimize their contact with the local community

3)     impose daily post-arrival testing for returning local cargo crew to strengthen the monitoring of their health conditions

4)     mandate all local air crew to receive their third doses of Covid vaccines

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