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CE leads residents in taking booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine

11 November 2021

By The SUN 
CE Lam, with her arm still on a sling, stuck to Sinovac for her booster dose

Chief Executive Carrie Lam and some of her key officials were among the first in line as Hong Kong started giving qualified residents their third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine today, Nov. 11.

The city’s leader received her third dose of the Sinovac vaccine at the Community Vaccination Centre at Java Road Sports Centre in North Point.

She was accompanied by Civil Service Secretary Patrick Nip and Health Secretary Sophia Chan, who also had their booster shots.

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Elsewhere across Hong Kong, queues reportedly formed outside many CVCs as the first day for giving the additional jabs opened.

Those qualified to take the additional dose are people aged 60 and above, and other priority groups such as those with compromised immune systems or whose work puts them at higher risk of infection, such as healthcare workers and air crew staff.

Health experts have recommended that BioNTech be used for the third dose as it has a much higher efficacy than Sinovac, the only other vaccine available in Hong Kong. However, people are allowed to choose.


In deciding to stick to Sinovac for her third jab, CE Lam cited as reason the fact that she she did not experience any side effect from her first two doses of the vaccine.

But her comment that just because BioNTech was shown to have higher efficacy did not mean it was a better vaccine prompted a rebuttal from some experts. 

CE Lam, Nip and Chan took time to chat with some elderly people taking their 3rd dose 

After getting vaccinated, the three officials checked out the operations at the vaccination centre and thanked staff for their hard work. They also chatted with the other people who were also there to get their booster shot.

Mrs Lam said she was pleased that many people had chosen to get their third vaccine dose at the first opportunity, and that they were satisfied with the vaccination arrangements.


"With Covid-19 continuing to ravage the world, members of the public should get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves, their family members and friends as well as the community,” she said.

“The more people get vaccinated, the greater the hope Hong Kong can emerge from the epidemic, and the sooner people can get back to their normal life, including the resumption of quarantine-free travel with the Mainland.”

Details of the third-dose Covid-19 vaccination arrangements may be found at this website: (



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