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Filipina who claims to have lost $46k from online job scammer shuts up

22 November 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao

The 'religious' man who tricked Alyn into paying more than $40k for a fake job

A Filipina domestic helper who says she paid $46,000 for the job of a hospital worker in the United Kingdom has sought help to recover the money she had lost to a suspected bogus online job recruiter.

But the helper, Alyn E, became incommunicado after revealing last week messages from the alleged recruiter voicing his anger over her decision to demand her money back and to report to the authorities.

Alyn, who spoke to The SUN more than a week ago, said she wanted to expose the alleged scam to warn other Filipina domestic helpers from falling into the trap.


However, she did not keep a promise to file a formal complaint with the assistance to nationals section of the Consulate yesterday, Nov. 21, and has yet to respond to follow-up inquiries.

The helper said her trouble all began when she was encouraged early this year by Novelyn, a female friend and fellow member of a church in Shek Kip Mei, to try the various UK job offers advertised by her recruiter friend.

Novelyn reportedly told Alyn to contact the online recruiter, a Caucasian man named Pasion Delacurz, who advertised the purported UK jobs on his Facebook page.


Delacurz, on his posts, memes and messages to friends, portrays himself as a religious man who constantly invokes God or closes his messages with quotes from the New Testament.

The impression that Delacurz is a devout Christian attracted Alyn that she fully trusted him and for a time, had an online relationship with him.  

Alyn said she wanted a hospital job in Longstone Hospital in Armagh, Northern Ireland, so she was instructed to fill up an online application form on the purported webpage of the hospital.

According to Alyn, she and several other Filipinas from the Philippines, Canada and Taiwan had responded to the job advertisements posted by Delacurz.

Delacurz is said to operate this Facebook page that offered the fake UK jobs

She said Delacurz told her that Novelyn, the recruiter’s point woman whom he referred to as “Mother,” would give her and others instructions on how to file their job applications. 

After she submitted her online application form, she sensed something was amiss when she did not get an automatic reply acknowledging that her application has been received.

Despite this, she said she complied with Novelyn’s instruction to remit her payment to Delacurz’s agent in Quezon City, a certain Charito Cudal Basilio, with address at 611 Grapes St., Commonwealth.


Alyn showed receipts of six of her cash remittances to Basilio totaling $22,400 (Php143,083) via the Cityone Shatin branch of PrizeSmart, a Filipino grocery store with remittance service to the Philippines.

On Jul 4 this year, Alyn remitted her $2,500 first payment to Basilio, the receipt shows.

She made four other remittances of $3,975 each to Basilio on Jul 18, but two were sent in the name of Novelyn and a third in the name of a certain Jacklyn Joy Alindao. This was so, Alyn said, because she had already exceeded her remittance limit for the month.


Alyn said she had made further remittances but she had misplaced the receipts. In all, she claimed to have paid the equivalent of Php400,000 to the recruiter.

She said she began to suspect she was being scammed when she noticed the Facebook page of Delacurz had only a few “likes.”

“Hinanapan ko sila ng receipts at katibayan na OK na ang papers ko. Wala naman silang ipinapakita,” said Alyn. (I’ve been asking them for receipts and proof that my papers are OK. They haven’t shown me anything.)


Alyn’s suspicions were further boosted when two men at the helm of the recruitment, Delacurz and a man supposedly based in London who is known only as “Sir CEO,” refused to video-chat with her allegedly because they are not allowed to show their faces.

She added that their voices and speech seemed to be those of just one man. 

Sir CEO is reportedly chief executive of Longstone. However, a fellow applicant who enquired from the hospital about Sir CEO found out there was no such person at Longstone and that its last chief executive had died years ago, Alyn said.

The money Alyn sent went to a Charito Basilio who lives on this street

Alyn said she met with Novelyn at the JIL church in Shek Kip Mei to tell her she was withdrawing her application and demanded her money back within one month or she would report to the Consulate and the police.

She said Novelyn promised to return her money within one month. But the next day, Alyn received angry online messages from Delacurz.

“I hear all you were doing. Why all this. Why making mother (Novelyn) crying because of you,” Delacurz wrote.

“Now you created a group and working against me or Sir CEO agent at Philippine consultant (sic). Why all this act. I don’t know you know whom you are dealing with because if Sir CEO hear all this that will be another big problem for you… You need to be very careful and stop all this nonsense.” 

As of this writing, Alyn has become unreachable with all calls and messages to her left unanswered. 

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