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TST building locked down as 4 preliminary positive cases reported

10 November 2021

By The SUN 

All residents of Harbour Pinnacle have been told to get tested

A residential building in Tsim Sha Tsui was ordered locked down overnight starting at 7pm on Tuesday after a person who lives there tested preliminary positive for the L452R strain of the coronavirus.

Everyone who was in the building was ordered to undergo testing no later than 7am today, Wednesday.  All others who had stayed at the building for more than two hours from October 18 must get themselves tested before Nov. 11.

The 29-year-old patient who lives at Harbour Pinnacle on Minden Avenue is a cargo flight crew who was found to carry a heavy viral load (Ct value of 13 to 16), two days after arriving from Germany aboard CX2066.

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According to a statement released by the Centre for Health Protection shortly after the lockdown took effect, another crew member on the same flight had also tested preliminary positive with the same mutant strain of the coronavirus.

However, the 57-year-old man who lives in a house in Headland Village in Discovery Bay, carried a low viral load, with a Ct value of 31 to 34. But as a precaution, members of his household have been put under quarantine.

Both men tested negative for Covid-19 before they flew to Germany on Oct 31, and on their return to Hong Kong on Nov 6.


As they were exempted from quarantine, the men were allowed to go home, but had to undergo compulsory testing on Nov 8 in line with regulations. Their test results both turned out positive on the same day.

Both men received two jabs of the BioNTech vaccine in Hong Kong, one on Apr 12 and May 8, and the other on Apr 13 and May 4.

The Filipina DH tested negative in all 6 tests conducted during her quarantine at Silka Tsuen Wan 

Two other preliminary positive cases were reported, involving a 30-year-old foreign domestic helper from the Philippines and a 15-year-old female patient who came from Italy via Qatar.

Both tested positive only after finishing their 21-day quarantine, and were found to have low viral load. CHP said it was possible the two patients were re-positive cases.


The FDH arrived in Hong Kong from Manila via CX906 on Oct 17, and spent her mandatory quarantine at Silka Tsuen Wan hotel. All the results of the six tests conducted on her during quarantine were negative.

On Nov 7 she moved to Rosedale Hotel in Causeway Bay for further isolation. The next day she went for compulsory testing and the result was positive.

She had two doses of the Moderna vaccine in the Philippines on Jul 6 and Aug 3 in the Philippines.

The teenager from Italy arrived in Hong Kong on Oct 14 via Qatar Air flight QR818. She also tested negative on all six Covid-19 tests conducted during her quarantine at Gateway Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

She ended her quarantine on Nov 4 and underwent compulsory testing on Nov 8, and the result was positive, with Ct value of 27 to 29.

As a precaution, all of the places where the two patients had been to since after their quarantine have been put under CTN.

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