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Arrest order issued for overstaying Filipina DH convicted of money laundering

28 December 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Vargas is said to have posted this photo to taunt bashers before she was arrested for money laundering 

A magistrate in Eastern Court ordered today, Dec 28, the arrest of a Filipina domestic helper who did not show up for the continuation of the hearing of her overstaying case.

Kris Hope Vargas, 32, had just ended serving a six-month jail term for money laundering when she was allowed to post bail for the overstaying case.

Magistrate Jason Wan ordered the cancellation Vof argas’ bail and told the prosecution to summon her for the next hearing on Jan 18 in the same court.


Vargas was arrested on Nov 20 last year outside Chung King Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui  and was charged with money laundering. She remained in custody until she pleaded guilty to the charge on Jun 7.

The court began hearing Vargas’ overstaying case on Jul 9. She returned to the court in mid-October for another mention of her case, during which she was allowed bail. But the prosecution sought an adjournment until today for legal advice and further investigation.


After her arrest, Vargas was found to have stayed illegally in Hong Kong after she was prematurely dismissed by her employer in March 2020. She went underground after failing to find a new employer.

But far from being distressed by her situation, Vargas appeared to have made several posts on Facebook to taunt her bashers. In one post which was shared by her Facebook friends, she posted a copy of her passport and called herself a “certified overstayer.”

In a post accompanying this photo, Vargas supposedly called herself 'certified overstayer'

She also teased her haters by showing thousands of dollars that she had just withdrawn from her bank account.

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During her trial for the money laundering charge, prosecution said Vargas had used her Hang Seng Bank account for multiple deposits and withdrawals totaling $694,056 between Apr 15, 2019 and August 2020.

The money was said to have been conned from romance scam victims by unknown people and was traced to her Hang Seng account.

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At first, Vargas said through her court-designated lawyer that she had lost her ATN card and didn’t realize it had been used by scammers to launder money.

But she decided to plead guilty just before her trial was due to begin and was sentenced to six months in jail by Magistrate Edward Wong.

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At the time, Vargas was not asked to enter her plea to the second charge, overstaying, as the defense lawyer said Immigration has yet to complete its investigation.


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