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Filipina DH assaulted by employer settles for $33k and good release letter

10 December 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Lou shows her bruised elbow, the result of her being pushed against a cabinet by her employer

A 38-year-old Filipina domestic worker who claims to have been attacked three times this month by her pregnant employer in Repulse Bay agreed to settle her case for more than $33,000 compensation in the first hours of Thursday, Dec 9.

The helper, Lou S, who requested anonymity as she is looking for a new employer, said she agreed to sign the settlement deal after police who responded to her friend's 999 call on Wednesday night advised her to just sign on to resolve the dispute once and for all.


Lou said she decided to sign even as her left elbow was bruised and swelling after the employer allegedly slammed her against a cabinet in a fit of rage when she learned that the helper was a minute late in fetching her ward from the school bus downstairs.

The settlement included a letter from the employer to Immigration saying the family was releasing the helper due to imminent relocation to the mainland.

The employer was paying the worker six months’ salary totaling $27,780; outstanding salary of $1,396; air ticket cost of $3,800; accumulated holiday pay of $539, and $100 food and travel allowance. In all, Lou was paid $33,695.

The couple also made a release letter praising the helper’s performance and thanking her for her service to the family.

In return, the officers did not charge the pregnant woman for assaulting the helper after the parties agreed to settle the issue around 1am Thursday.

Contacted online, the helper said the Wednesday evening incidents were the second and third assaults on her by the employer this month.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Lou said the first incident happened on Dec 2 when the employer strangled her because she declined to watch a video tutorial on how to cook the employer’s favorite dish.

The second attack was on Dec 8, after the employer learned that Lou was late in fetching the eldest child below the building. The helper said she was busy in the kitchen at the time and didn’t notice that the school bus was coming.


When the employer got home, she allegedly flew in a rage and pushed the helper into the playroom and shut the door. After the first push, the employer allegedly pushed the helper again with full force.

“Itinulak po niya ako nang malakas at bumalandra po ako sa cabinet at bumagsak. Tapos pinagsalitaan pa niya ako ng pangit na mga salita,” Lou said. (She pushed me forcefully that I slammed against the cabinet and fell. Then she said ugly words against me.)

Press for details

Lou said that almost everyday since she moved in with the family on Jun 28 this year, she noticed the woman was always angry at her while she was nice to the other Filipina helper in the house.

She first sought help from the HKOFW Facebook group managed by Pieter Nootemboom around August this year when the employer started turning violent towards her, such as when she hurled a flatiron in her direction but missed.

Pindutin para sa detalye

When she was attacked again on Wednesday evening, she messaged Nootenboom who immediately called the police. Nootenboom also reported the matter to the Consulate, and asked if the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration could rescue the worker.

He said he advised Lou not to sign the agreement and wait for him so that he could have her examined at the hospital, but before he could get to Repulse Bay the helper informed him that she had decided to settle the case with her employer.

The mother of four said she was still planning to go to the hospital for an examination of her swollen and painful elbow. She was also planning to visit an employment agency to look for a new employer so she could continue helping her truck driver-husband support their family.


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