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2nd Indon DH linked to Omicron carrier as CX flight from Cebu banned

06 January 2022

By The SUN 

An overnight lockdown of this Tin Hau block linked to a local case with mutant strain yielded no new case

An Indonesian domestic helper who was infected with Covid-19 by her employer’s friend was among 33 additional confirmed cases reported by the Centre for Health Protection today, Jan 6.

Her fellow Indonesian DH with whom she joined church services on Jan 1 and 2 also tested preliminary positive.

Health authorities are now tracking about 80 other people who were at the church at the same time.


At today’s press briefing, Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection said the case is worrying.

“We’re tracing the churchgoers on Jan. 1 and 2. That amounts to tens of people so we’re a bit worried because they might have already spread the infections to their employers and other friends,” she said.

Meanwhile, of the 28 imported cases, 11 had flown in from the Philippines on two separate dates.


Five of them, all Filipina domestic workers, came aboard Cathay Pacific flight CX932 from Cebu City, and tested positive on arrival at HK airport on Jan. 4. The flight was meted a two-week suspension as a result.

Six came on AirAsia’s flight ZZ1264 from Manila on Jan 2, bringing to 20 the total number of infected passengers from that trip. All except one are FDHs. The flight was immediately banned as nine of its passengers tested positive on arrival.


Cathay’s flight CX906 from Manila was also earlier banned for flying in a number of infected passengers on Jan. 1. The infection tally from that flight has reached 20.

However, all the flight bans have been superseded by Hong Kong's decision to stop all passengers flights from eight countries for two weeks starting on Saturday, Jan 8. Covered by the ban apart from the Philippines are Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom and United States.

CX932 is the second Cathay flight from the Philippines to be banned by HK

The other imported cases are broken down as follows:

            - 5 from Nepal, and arrived on Nepal Airlines’ flight RA 409 on Jan 4. The flight has been banned for two weeks as a result.

- 5 from India, arriving on Air India’s flight AY1314 on Jan 2. The flight was banned previously for bringing in a number of infected passengers on arrival.

            - 1 Case is from Australia     


Pindutin para sa detalye

  - 1 Case is from Portugal

- 1 Case is from Switzerland

- 1 Case is from Canada - Arrived on AC 007 Jan 2

- 1 Case is from France

Press for details

Apart from the Indonesian DH who was infected by her employer, three other local cases confirmed today had links with the 28-year-old female Cathay flight attendant who went home to North Point after testing negative on arrival in Hong Kong on Dec 27, and went on to infect her 62-year-old unvaccinated mother and another relative.

The new cases include a woman who regularly danced in Victoria Park with the flight attendant’s mother, the elderly woman’s friend she had breakfast with in a teahouse in Tin Hau on Dec 31, and the husband of another friend.

Dr Chuang said there were about 20 other people who were at the Six Garden Restaurant on Gordon Road between 8and 10am on Dec 31, where the woman and her friends had breakfast.


About 10 of those diners have not been located, and Chuang asked them to contact CHP at is hotline, 2125 1111 by tomorrow. Those who refuse to step forward may be prosecuted.

Chuang also said there were also a number of preliminary positive cases who appear to be linked to the flight attendant’s mother, apart from the second Indonesian helper who lives in Tai Po.

They include a 67 year-old-woman who resides at Fung Fai Terrace in Happy Valley, who attended a meal gathering with about 15 of her dancing friends on Jan 1. She then went to Wong Nai Chung market and had dinner at Outback Steak House.

A third linked case is a 73-year-old woman previously identified as a close contact of the dancing woman and was sent to Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre on Jan 4. She developed a headache earlier today, and was diagnosed as preliminary positive.

A fourth case involves a 63-year-old man who dined at Ocean Lafayette in Causeway Bay at about the same time as the woman. He started to feel unwell on Jan 3 and saw a doctor on Jan 4.

Another diner at Moon Palace Restaurant where another Cathay aircrew who flouted quarantine regulations was also among those confirmed with Covid-19 today.

For more information on today’s cases, check:

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