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Filipino who allegedly threatened to burn down Consulate arrested

30 January 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap 

Security has been tightened at the Consulate after the man's arrest

A Filipino male resident had to spend the night at the Central Police station on Monday, Jan 24, after he was arrested for threatening staff at the Philippine Consulate and pushing one of them to the ground as he was being subdued after brandishing a golf club.

Hong Kong Police said the man is 41 years old and a resident. He was arrested on suspicion of committing common assault and possessing an offensive weapon but was released on police bail.

A spokesman said no charges have been filed yet as investigations are continuing.


According to an officer of the Consulate who asked not to be named for security reasons, part of the bail conditions imposed on the arrested person is that he should not approach any of their staff and should not enter the Consulate premises.

The officer also said more charges could be laid against the accused as they had filed a separate complaint against him after he allegedly threatened to burn down the Consulate and kill staff during calls he made to their listed number.


He said the Consulate has already turned over to the police the CCTV footage taken during the alleged assault and the audio recordings of his threatening phone calls.  

In his calls, the man reportedly said “papatayin ko kayo” (I will kill all of you), after saying he would burn down the Consulate.

The ATN section used to be accesible to the public (file)

Police say the accused arrived at the Consulate at about 10:30am on Jan 24, brandishing a golf club which measured 77 cm in length. They received a phone call from one of the staff after the man allegedly started wielding the club and threatening staff.

Consulate insiders said the man arrived with not just a golf club but also his baby. After handing the baby to one of the people inside the premises, he started swinging the golf club while making threats. 

Several male staff managed to subdue him, but only after one of them was pushed to the ground by the suspect.


According to the officer, the man had been agitated because of a long-running dispute with his wife who has already gone home to the Philippines.

After the Consulate was asked to intervene, the wife reportedly promised to file a petition for annulment in the Philippines but failed to do so because of a lack of funds.

The man reportedly vented his ire over this at the Consulate’s ATN section, saying they should have made sure his estranged wife kept her promise.

Press for details

“We told him repeatedly that we did not have the power nor the right to compel his wife to file for annulment,” said the officer. “All we could do is advise them on how they could resolve their marital dispute.”

Hindi niya maintindihan o ayaw intindihin ang ganoong paliwanag. Pinilipit niya na dapat sabihan namin ang asawa niya na ituloy ang pag file ng annulment.”

(He couldn’t, or wouldn’t understand what we kept telling him. He kept insisting that we should tell his wife to pursue the filing of an application for annulment).


As a result of the incident, security has been tightened at the Consulate, with all visitors to the closed-off ATN section being barred entry unless they have provided their personal details and the purpose of their visit at one of the windows in the public area.

“We have to protect not only the Consulate and our staff but also members of our community who come to us for services and assistance,” said the officer. 


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