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Vaccinated travelers may skip quarantine when entering Phl from Feb 1

30 January 2022

By The SUN

The same rules will apply to fully vaccinated foreigners from Feb. 10, 2022

From Tuesday, Feb 1, all fully vaccinated Filipinos entering the Philippines will no longer be required to spend their quarantine in a hotel but should only self-monitor for the next seven days.

The same rule will be extended to foreign nationals entering the country starting on Feb 10.

All that the vaccinated inbound travelers should do is present a negative result for a RT-PCR (swab) test taken within 48 hours before boarding their flights to the Philippines, plus a recognized vaccination certificate.


The following vaccination records are recognized in the Philippines: (1) a WHO International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis; 2) VaxCertPH or (3) national/state digital certificate of the foreign government which has accepted the VaxCertPH under a reciprocal agreement (like the HK vaccination record) unless otherwise permitted by the IATF.


Those who are unvaccinated or whose vaccination status is unclear will have to present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours before boarding, and stay in a quarantine facility until the release of their negative result for a RT-PCR test taken on the fifth day of their arrival.

In addition, they will have to undergo home quarantine until the 14th day with the date of arrival being the first day. They will be monitored by local government units and barangay health response teams in their destination while they are undergoing home quarantine.


No monitoring is required for vaccinated new arrivals, but they are required to report to the local government unit of destination should they show any symptoms.

According to the Department of Health, the move was agreed upon by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Covid-19 control because of the country’s improved vaccination rate and also because this has now become the norm in many countries abroad.

The move is also seen to hasten economic recovery.

There will be no more testing upon arrival at any Philippine airport

The new protocols replace the existing color-coded classification, where so-called green countries were deemed low risk, yellow countries medium risk, and red countries, high risk.

Until restrictions were tightened recently with the onset of the Omicron variant, only travelers from green places like Hong Kong were allowed to skip quarantine.

Press for details

The new guidelines disregard a traveler's country of origin and distinguish only between those who are vaccinated and those who are not, or have unclear vaccination status.

The relaxed rules are due to take effect as the number of Covid-19 cases reported in the country continued to decline Sunday, but remained at a critical level.


The Department of Health said 16,953 additional coronavirus infections were detected today, although there were 27,638 new recoveries. Twenty more deaths were reported.

The total number of cases recorded in the country so far has gone up to 3,545,680, of which  202,864 are active cases.


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