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1,347 confirmed cases logged, 2k more preliminary

13 February 2022

 By The SUN 

Children will now be among those given priority in admission to public hospitals

Health officials have recorded 1,347 Covid-19 cases today, Feb 13, with about 2,000 more testing preliminary positive, including a three-year-old in critical condition.

According to Dr Larry Lee from the Health Authority, the girl was admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital yesterday, before being sent to Children’s Hospital when her condition deteriorated. She is now in intensive care.

Two other patients are said to be in critical condition, while those classified as serious remain at 16.


Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan from the Centre for Health Protection said there has been a spike in cases among young children in the fifth wave, with around 4% of patients being under the age of four.

Dr Lee said that with public hospitals reaching saturation point, priority for admission will be given to children, the elderly and those in serious condition.


To free up more hospital beds, patients currently in stable condition at the North Lantau Hospital Infection Control Center will be moved to AsiaWorld Expo. This will allow more elderly and children patients with Covid-19 to be admitted to hospital fast.

As of 9am today, there were 1,300 confirmed patients receiving treatment in 14 public hospitals. There are a further 2,100 patients at Penny’s Bay isolation center, North Lantau ICC, the HA Infectious Disease Centre in Princess Margaret Hospital and AWE.


Dr Lee repeated the advise that infected people who are healthy, young and those showing minor symptoms should remain at home and wait for a call from the HA to be placed in a hospital.

There will be a hotline that they can call, but patients are urged to be considerate and leave the hospital rooms and beds for those who need them more.

In the meantime, the HA will reduce non-emergency services and use resources to help more Covid-19 patients.


Lee said the HA does not rule out shutting down some hospitals and turning them into Covid facilities if the situation deteriorates further.

Hospitals might be turned into Covid facilities if the surge in Covid-19 cases continues

The CHP said that for the past two weeks until yesterday, a total of 7,609 coronavirus cases were recorded. The locally acquired cases totaled 7,494 and 115 were imported.

Dr Chuang said the patients ranged in age from 1 month to 104 years old.  Fourteen percent of the cases were under 18 and 11% were aged 65 and above.

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More than half, or 55%, have taken at least two shots of the vaccine.

Most of the positive patients live in Sha Tin, Sham Shui Po, Tuen Mun. In January the high risk places were Kwai Tsing, Wong Tai Sin and the Outlying Islands.

For patients that tested positive for the Omicron variant, the median age is 39 years old. Fifteen of the cases are under 18 and 10.6% are aged above aged 65.


The patients who received at least two shots of a vaccine make up 55% of all cases.

For the Delta variant, the median age is 50 years old, and 8.7% of the cases are under 18 and 24% are aged above aged 65. Those who have taken at least two vaccine doses make up 49%.

Dr Chuang also noted that the number of confirmed cases have been doubling every two days for the past week. On Feb 6, there were around 200 cases, on Feb 9 this went up to 400 cases and on Feb 11th, 800 cases  were recorded.

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