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7 clinics open to Covid-19 patients with free taxi service starting Friday

16 February 2022

Designated taxicabs will have a mark on the back window to identify it as a service for Covid-19 patients.

The government opened today seven designated clinics that will provide free check-ups to people who have tested positive for Covid-29 as part of efforts to cope with the surge in the number of new cases in Hong Kong.

To complement the clinics’ operation from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, a free taxi service will be available to ferry Covid-19 patients to and from starting Feb. 18 so that they would not have to take public transportation and be a risk for other passengers.

And if the Covid-positives need information or advice on what to do while awaiting placement in hospitals, or if they want to set appointments at these clinics, they can call a new hotline: 1836 115. The telephone service will operate seven days a week, from 8am to 120 pm.

The designated clinics, which used to operate as clinics for various purposes, are equipped to handle the requirements of Covid-19 patients, according to the Hospital Authority, which operates them  (the designated clinics and medical refill clinics are listed below).


HA Chief Manager (Patient Safety & Risk Management) Dr Sara Ho said people seeking consultation must make appointments by telephone to avoid queues at the clinics.

“For the designated clinics, they are open for those symptomatic, preliminary positive or positively confirmed cases who are waiting for admission to either hospital or designated isolation facilities. They need to pre-register and book through the telephone, so they can arrive separately.”

Dr Ho outlined specified the patients who will be handled by the clinics.

“If the patients have mild symptoms that can be controlled by paracetamol or cough medicine, then they can monitor their condition and stay at home. But for those patients who have symptoms but do not have medication at home or after a telephone consultation or enquiry still want to see a doctor, the designated clinic is (an option).”


However, the advice for those who test positive remains the same: Stay at home until the Centre for Health Protection can get them admitted to a public hospital or an isolation facility for those with mild or no symptoms.

The Department of Health added that some of its clinics and service units which are at the same locations as designated clinics will be temporarily closed or adjust services to segregate Covid-19 patients from other users.

The affected units are the Victoria Road Dental Clinic, Robert Black Maternal and Child Health Centre (MCHC), San Po Kong Elderly Health Centre (EHC), Robert Black Methadone Clinic and Shau Kei Wan EHC.


Meanwhile, the taxi service can be booked, starting Feb. 18, either by telephone or through its website which is being set up.

The Transport and Housing Bureau (THB), together with the taxi industry, have allocated 300 taxicabs to transport patients between the designated clinics and their residences.  The number of taxis will be adjusted according to the actual demand.

Press for details

The spokesman said in a press statement, "Patients should visit the designated clinics by designated taxis as far as possible. The Government will provide operators and drivers of the designated fleets with anti-epidemic guidelines. Drivers of the designated fleet must wear protective equipment, including protective face shields (while not driving), masks and protective gowns, and fully disinfect the compartments every day and perform a daily rapid antigen test before providing services. Only those who have tested negative for the virus can provide these services.”

It added: “In order to reduce the infection risks, passengers must use the back seats of the taxis, as the front passenger seat of the taxis will not carry passengers. The designated fleet will only transport those with appointments made with the designated clinics, and will not pick up other passengers. Specific labels will be affixed on the taxi bodies for public identification."


To book their taxis, patients with appointments at designated clinics can go to the dedicated booking platform ( from 7am on February 18, or call 3693 4770 (8am to 10pm from the same day). They need to provide their name, contact number, appointment time, designated clinic, pick-up location and other information. The drivers of the designated fleet will contact them to confirm and arrange the transport services.


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