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‘Vaccine pass’ required in Category D restaurants starting today

10 February 2022

by The SUN


Under the new scheme, four diners can sit together if they have at least one vaccine dose

The government’s vaccine pass scheme kicks off today, Feb. 10, when certain restaurants or catering premises will have to ask diners to show their vaccination record to be able to seat four to a table. 

This is despite the concurrent implementation of tightened social distancing rules that allow a maximum of two people to gather in public places.


Under the Type D mode of operation restaurants can allow four diners to sit together if they have all received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and are able to show proof of this.

In addition, staff who serve them must have also received at least a dose of a vaccine, or have a Covid-19 medical exemption certificate. 

Restaurants that fall under the Type D mode could accept customers to its full capacity, but banquets are still not allowed.


For now, vaccination proof is still not required of those who eat in restaurants operating under Types B and C mode of operation.

However, customers in such restaurants can only sit two to a table. Type B eateries can only accept up to 50% of their capacity, and Type C, 75%.


When the vaccine pass scheme takes effect on Feb. 24, all customers will have to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to dine in. Staff, too, will have to get vaccinated, unless exempted for medical reasons.

In a statement, the Food and Health Bureau said it was issuing a strong appeal to operators of catering premises under the Type B and Type C modes of operation “to make necessary arrangement for their staff to vaccinate as soon as possible, so the business can meet the requirements and continue to operate when ‘vaccine pass’ comes into effect on Feb. 24.”


The FEHD also reminded restaurants that the dine-in ban after 6pm has been extended until Feb. 23. This means that they still cannot sell food or drinks for consumption in their premises from 6pm to 4:59am on the next day. However, they may still sell or supply food or drinks for takeaway or deliveries.

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Restaurants are also required to seal off sections where food or drinks consumed in their premises is sold. Further, they should set up notices that people who buy food or drinks from them cannot consume them in adjacent premises.

Under the current restrictions no live performances, dancing, singing or mahjong playing will be allowed inside catering venues.

Live performances including dancing are still not allowed inside catering premises

Other restrictions will remain in force, including (1) diners must not eat or drink or take off their masks when away from their tables; (2) all customers must use the LeaveHomeSafe app using their mobile phones before entering for dine-in; (3) tables should be placed at least 15 meters apart or have some form of partition to separate them; (4) body temperature screening should be done before entry; and (5) hand sanitizers should be provided to customers.

Under the extended social distancing measures, other places of entertainment like bars, karaokes, night clubs, massage parlours and swimming pools must remain closed.


Updated versions of the LeaveHomeSafe app for customers for easy display of vaccination QR codes and the QR Code Verification Scanner for operators of the business establishments are now available, and everyone is enjoined to use them.

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