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HK records 58,757 new coronavirus cases and 291 Covid-related deaths

10 March 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap


CHP says the record daily tally includes 32k positive results from rapid tests

Hong Kong health authorities have reported a total of 58,757 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, including 32,776 that were reported by patients who tested positive using rapid antigen test (RAT) kits.

The remaining 25,991 infections had been confirmed through PCR or nucleic acid tests conducted by public and private laboratories.

The city’s total Covid-19 tally now stands at 585,937.


The cumulative total is the highest daily tally ever posted for a single day, although previously, the cases that were confirmed only came from PCR tests.

Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Protection said that about 9,700 rapid test results were from Mar 6, the day before a platform for reporting RAT infections was set up.

In due time he said the reported daily results will better reflect the actual cases that are confirmed, both from PCR and rapid tests.


Hospital Authority’s Dr Sara Ho said 195 with Covid died in public hospitals on Tuesday, while 95 more deaths had occurred earlier but were not reported on time.

CHP said another 76-year-old woman with chronic illness who was found dead at home on Mar 7 was found to carry the virus in the morgue.

Ninety-eight of those who died yesterday came from care homes, and 178 were aged 65 years old and above. Nearly 75%, or 145, did not receive any vaccination; 30 had one vaccine dose, 15 had two doses, and 1 had three.

The youngest fatality, a 41-year-old woman, fainted at home and was found to have brain hemorrhage when she was taken to hospital. She tested positive at the hospital before she died.

Nine other patients who were below 60 years old had chronic diseases like cancer or epilepsy, or required long-term care.

The number of Covid-related fatalities stood at 2,869. Of these 2,656 occurred in the fifth wave of the infection.


Of the 8,883 patients still being treated at public hospitals, 68 are in critical condition and 107 are in serious condition.

Ho confirmed an announcement made earlier in the day by HA director Tony Ko that 1,500 beds at Queen Elizabeth Hospital will be used to treat Covid patients from Mar. 13.

Other hospitals, like Ruttonjee and Kowloon Hospital, could be similarly transformed in future, depending on need

The conversion of QE to an all-Covid hospital is said to be part of the new strategy to reduce the number of infections and fatalities.

Later in the day the government also sent out an emergency alarm with a message telling residents in both English and Chinese about the conversion of Queen Elizabeth Hospital into a designated Covid-19 facility.

The message alert was meant to remind the public not to proceed to the hospital unless in an emergency or to take a Covid-19 patient for treatment.

The alert system was launched in November 2020 to notify the public via mobile phone networks about emergency situations, such as extreme weather events.

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