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Covid-19 cases breach 1,000-mark

15 June 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap 

Au says of the 1,047 new cases, 76 were imported

Hong Kong’s daily Covid-19 tally has risen to 1,047, the highest since the Omicron-fueled fifth wave eased in early April.

Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Protection said at today’s press briefing that 971 local infections were reported, and there were an additional 76 cases that were imported.

This prompted a barrage of questions as to why the CHP has decided to vary its previous practice of .including imported cases in the overall tally given each day.


CHP first made the change yesterday, when it said there were 752 local cases plus 971 imported ones, causing initial confusion as no previous announcement was made as to the change in reporting the daily tally.

“Imported cases don’t have anything to do with local infection,” Au said. “This will enable members of the public to understand how many cases we have chalked up each day.”

Au also clarified that the CHP has not changed its protocol for determining whether people identified as close contacts of infected persons should be moved to quarantine facilities.

Unlike reports that said all those without access to a separate toilet would be moved, he said the close contacts would also be asked if toilet disinfection could be done quickly, and it is only when this is not possible that they will be moved to a quarantine facility.

Among the new local cases, 477 were from PCR tests, while the remaining 494 were rapid test results that were confirmed by laboratories.

A total of 147 new cases were reported by 127 schools, involving 135 students and 12 teachers.


They included six students at Pui Ching Middle School who attended a dinner party for athletes held on Jun 10.

One of the students was found infected with the B.2.12.1 sub-variant of the Omicron, so the five others who sat with her at the same table during dinner are also suspected to be carriers.

Five others who shared their table have been told to undergo quarantine, while the rest of some 60 students at the school have been told to stop attending classes for a week.

Au said all the infected students were members of the school’s track and field team.

He also said there was no indication that the students had transmitted the virus in their classes so there is no need to order the school to suspend more classes at this time.

The student was one of 23 newly identified cases of the sub-variant. All but one were local cases, and the sole imported one had flown in from Singapore.

Six more cases were found from bars. One was a patron of Racks City, who took the infection tally there to 23; while five more were added to the cluster at FLM, taking the total figure to 33.

The outbreaks in six bars that have resulted in more than 350 people testing positive have led to authorities requiring everyone who enter these venues to present a negative result for a rapid test taken within 24 hours starting on Thursday.

Dr Larry Lee of the Hospital Authority said an 83-year-old woman who tested positive at the hospital had passed on yesterday, taking the death toll from the fifth wave to 9,179.

The patient who was unvaccinated and had a heart condition, was admitted to Caritas Hospital in semi-conscious state on Jun 2. She was found to have a broken femur and hemorrhaging tumor. Lee said they believe her death was not related to Covid-19.

A total of 412 patients are being treated at public hospitals and among them, 16 are in critical condition and six are in serious condition.

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