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HK to test mandatory e-health declaration system for inbound travelers

24 July 2022

By The SUN


HK will test the 'no health declaration QR code, no boarding' system from Thursday

Hong Kong says it will start testing an updated electronic health declaration form from Thursday that travelers will have to complete to get a QR code before boarding their flights to the city.

A statement issued by the government on Sunday said that if the trial is a success, the new system will be adopted next month.


The new health code system is aimed at reducing the waiting time for inbound travelers at Chek Lap Kok prior to being cleared for their mandatory hotel quarantine.

"Completing the health declaration prior to boarding allows smoother arrival quarantine procedures for inbound persons at the HKIA," the statement said.


"It will also facilitate the gradual introduction of electronic processing of arrival quarantine procedures, thereby reducing the need for manual processing and hence the waiting time and bottlenecks.”

The statement said most inbound travelers now use the electronic system which was introduced in Hong Kong as early as June 2020, but some still fill out health declaration forms on arrival, holding up the processing for those who have already completed the form.

From Thursday, everyone must fill out the form electronically so they can download the QR code which they need to present at the check-in counters. The QR code will be valid for 96 hours, which means travelers can complete the health declaration form as early as four days before their scheduled arrival in Hong Kong.

With the upgraded e-health declaration system, inbound travelers will be required to provide, on top of the health and quarantine declaration, proof of completion of vaccination and reservation reference numbers of designated quarantine hotels (DQHs).

Press for details

During the trial run, inbound persons still need to present these documents when boarding a flight, but those who cannot produce the relevant QR code will still be allowed to board.

However, once the trial run is completed, all travelers will be required to present the health declaration QR code before they can board a flight to Hong Kong.


If the trial run is successful, the government said it plans to upgrade the e-health declaration system by next month.

With the enhanced system, the pre-boarding documentation process will be gradually digitalised to include verifying proof of vaccination and DQH reservations. The verified information will then be integrated into the e-health declaration QR code, allowing passengers to go through the pre-boarding and arrival procedures a lot faster.

The same e-health registration system is already being implemented by the Philippines through OneHealthPass, which inbound travelers should complete within 72 hours of boarding their flights.

All arriving travelers must complete a form to register their personal data, health and flight information before they can get a QR code, which they must present when checking in. Failing to present the QR code could result in the traveler being offloaded from the flight.

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