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HK posts 10,683 Covid-19 cases, highest since March

04 September 2022

By The SUN


Those who contracted Covid in March or earlier should get their next jab now, say doctors

Health officials are calling on those who got infected in the massive outbreak of Covid-19 infections early this year to get their next vaccine shot to protect themselves from the disease.

The call came as the government reported 10,683 new Covid-19 cases on Sunday, the biggest daily tally since Mar 24. The cases included 194 that were imported from various countries.

There were also eight deaths.


Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Protection said those who contracted the virus in March or earlier are due for their additional vaccine dose now as their antibody levels would have dipped, giving them less protection against a new infection.

As other health experts have pointed out, even those who have had three jabs could still get infected,  although their symptoms, if they have any, are far less severe than those who did not  complete three doses.

According to Au, the rise in the infection tally is due to the more infections BA.4 or 5 Omicron sub-variant which now account for 64.4 percent of all cases.


He said that based on various indicators, the infection has yet to peak, which means the cases will still rise in the coming days.

"Although we are not seeing an exponential rise in cases like what we experienced in February and March, the number of daily infections has doubled to 10,000 since the middle of August,” he said.

“We expect the upward trend to continue.”

The eight Covid-related deaths involved four men and four women aged 59 to 102. Only one was triple-jabbed, while one was never vaccinated. The remaining six had one or two doses.

There are now 2,793 patients receiving treatment at public hospitals, after 356 more were admitted in the past 24 hours.

Among them, 64 are in critical condition, including 18 in intensive care; while 54 have severe symptoms.

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The infected patients included three patients and one staff who tested positive in Yan Chai Hospital during contract tracing done after an 84-year-old patient was found infected earlier.

All the patients are in stable condition, while admission to the ward was stopped for disinfection and cleansing.

Of the 193 imported cases, 75 were detected on arrival at the airport, 44 during the three-day hotel quarantine and 58 afterwards. A further 16 cases were found after day 7, but they are suspected to be re-positive cases because of the low viral load.


The patients came from 44 countries, with the following having more than 10 cases: India, 29; the Philippines and United States, 21 each; United Kingdom, 19 and Thailand, 13.

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