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2nd consumption voucher for qualified residents disbursed today

01 October 2022

By The SUN


The consumption voucher sceheme is pandemic relief aid for qualified residents

The government disbursed today, Oct 1, the second installment in this year’s Consumption Voucher Scheme, under which qualified residents are to get a total of $5,000 in cash vouchers.

This is the second consecutive year that $5,000 in consumption vouchers are being handed out to eligible persons, comprising permanent residents and newcomers, in Hong Kong, to help ease the financial burden wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.


In 2020, all permanent residents aged 18 and above, were each given $10,000 cash, deposited in their designated personal bank accounts.

Under the expanded coverage this year, about 6.36 million residents qualified for the scheme, and each received $2,000 spending vouchers in August.

Pindutin para sa detalye

For the second round, they will get either $3,000 or $2,000, depending on which e-wallets they chose to receive them.

Those who opted to get the cash vouchers through AlipayHK, BoC Pay, HSBC’s PayMe, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK received the second tranche of $3,000 in full today.

Those who signed up for the scheme through Octopus will get $2,000 with the remaining $1,000 being dispensed with later this year.

If their “cumulative eligible spending” using Octopus has reached $4,000 by the end of November, they could collect the balance by Dec 16 at the earliest. Otherwise they have until March 31 next year to reach the spending amount to collect the voucher by April 16 at the latest.

Press for details

Those who are getting the second voucher through the other five e-wallets should use up the total amount of $5,000 on or before Feb 28, 2023, or they will expire.

The entitled persons who had applied for the spending vouchers earlier, received SMS mobile app push notifications earlier today informing them that they could start collecting their second voucher.


The public may browse the apps and websites or call the following hotlines of the relevant SVF operators to enquire about how to use the vouchers, the value of the vouchers disbursed, unspent/available balance and expiry dates, etc.

AlipayHK2245 3201
     BoC Pay
3988 1822
2969 5588
     Payme from HSBC
2996 7288
     Tap & Go
2888 0000
     WeChat Pay HK
3929 1666
The public may visit the Scheme website ( or call the hotline 18 5000 for enquiries if they have any questions about the Scheme.


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