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Mass guitar jamming to set record held in Tamar

26 July 2017

By William Elvin 

Over 200 Filipinas gathered in Tamar Park, Admiralty on July 1 to publicly perform Freddie Aguilar’s internationally renowned classic “Anak” with their guitars.

The event was the second “Guitar Lesson Jamming” gathering organized by Hong Kong-based Filipino guitarist Frederick Suarez, who serves as the participants’ mentor for their music.

“Mga nasa 210 ang sumali ngayon,” said Suarez, who was able to gather eighty of his students in a similar public performance in April.

The group’s well-attended guitar exhibition coincided with a public celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s Handover from Britain to China at the same outdoor venue.

Competing with the nearby event’s loud music and cheering from the crowd, the large group of Filipina musicians effortlessly strummed and sang through their song to the delight of their friends, guests, and fellow Pinoys who happened to spend the holiday in Tamar.

According to Suarez, the group is planning another gathering in October.

“Sa susunod, susubukan naming 400 na ang sasali,” he said, to possibly set a Guiness World Record.

Guitar lessons are being conducted every weekend in Wan Chai, facilitated by Suarez. Interested parties are urged to join their group by inquiring through a direct message on Facebook. Visit for more details.

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