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Pinay falls to death during Shenzhen trip with bosses

30 July 2017

By Vir B. Lumicao 

A Hong Kong-based domestic helper from Cagayan plunged to her death on July 24 from a residential tower in Shenzhen, two days after she crossed the border to join her employers on a holiday there, the maid’s kin said.
A sister and an aunt of  L. Asuncion both told The SUN that the victim traveled to China on July 22 to join her employers’ family, who had left her alone for a week in Hong Kong.
The two were scheduled to travel to Shenzhen today, July 31, to identify Asuncion’s remains.
The Consulate in Hong Kong said its counterpart in Guangzhou had taken over the case and was investigating.
Townmates of the victim were shocked to hear the tragic news of Asuncion’s death on the evening of July 26.
“I can’t believe it. I know her very well because she was a sister of my friend and classmate in high school,” said one of her townmates who works in Hong Kong
The sister said the 28-year-old victim was single and had been working for her employers for only nine months. She had worked for another Hong Kong family previously but her contract was terminated after 10 months.
She said she could not believe that her sister would take her own life.
“Why did she have to go to China and do it there? She could have done it when she was left alone in the employers’ house in Hong Kong to use up her seven-day vacation leave,” the sister said.
On July 21, Asuncion reportedly messaged her sister about her coming trip to China with her employers’ family.
She also told her mother she desperately wanted to break contract and go back home, but was advised to be patient and stay put,  as life was hard in the Philippines.
This was not the first time the victim was taken across the border by her employer. On Dec 24 last year, she traveled to China with her employers’ family, and sounded jolly when she posted about it on Facebook.
Ready to go.... God guide our trip with my employers together with their kids,” she wrote in her post.
But her mood visibly changed afterwards.
On Feb 5 this year, she replied to a friend’s comment welcoming her back: “Slmat…heheheheheh letcheng China yan
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