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HK millionaire talks to OFWs on starting business

26 May 2018

Jared King 
A group of Filipino domestic helpers had the rare treat of listening to a talk by one of Hong Kong’s successful young entrepreneurs, Jared King, on Apr 29 at the Consulate.

King, a Canadian who built a million-dollar media agency, E3 Reloaded, in just two years after arriving in Hong Kong in 2010 at age 26, spoke to the migrant workers on the topic of “How to start
a business”.

But he went beyond this, telling his listeners on how to choose the right business, beat the competition, and get customers.

King, who also founded Lender Friend, which advertisers itself as “an ethical money lender that will soon provide low-interest loans to domestic workers in Hong Kong, told the participants that before they can start a business, they must really believe in themselves first, then take action. It is a must, he said, that you are fully committed to what you want to do, and you make sure you get it done one step at a time.

Running a business requires focus and a proper mindset, he said.

He also said it is okay to make a mistake, but you must learn from the mistake to improve yourself and then do your best because 99% of the obstacles in setting up a business can be overcome.

He listed down four stages of a business, from forming an idea, experimenting, keeping your customers happy, and then growth. To succeed, he said you have to go out and experiment, try to do things differently and better. While doing the business, one should continue making friends and building a strong relationship with your customers. This you can do by talking to them a lot and asking them what they want, or what would make them happy.
Jared King, a Canadian who built a million-dollar media agency, joins the seminar participants in a group photo.

On hand to welcome King and the 91 participants in the seminar was Deputy Consul General Roderico Atienza who said starting a business will enable migrant workers to make a living and continue feeding and supporting their family when they return home.

Atienza told the participants to take the chance at every opportunity to ask questions, learn and pick up ideas from the speaker that will help them to establish a good business.

The seminar was a collaborative effort between the Consulate and Wimler Foundation. – Ellen Asis

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