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Pinay in Fortress MTR incident now in hospital

24 May 2018

The patient was photographed near the
turnstiles of the MTR station in Fortress Hill.

A Filipina domestic worker who had a mental breakdown on May 1 at Fortress Hill MTR Station is now recovering in hospital, and her condition is said to be “improving”.

Lorna Obedoza of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administation said the worker’s employer who regularly visits her at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, had reported that the patient looks much better now, and could recover soon.

Footages of the worker showing her acting abnormally went viral on Facebook, and were seen by a relative and townmate in Hinundayan, Southern Leyte, who immediately informed the patient’s parents and siblings.

But the patient, said to be 44 years old, was taken to Ruttonjee Hospital by the police who responded to calls for assistance, and later transferred to the psychiatric ward of Eastern Hospital.

The relative told The SUN the patient was single and an introvert, so her relatives and friends who are also working in Hong Kong did not know what could have led to her breakdown. 

The incident was reported to the police at about 9:00 am on May 1, as case of someone obstructing pedestrians at the MTR station. Police later classified it as ‘suspected mentally disordered person found.”

The Filipina was shown on the videos standing in front of the turnstiles with upraised hands, before prostrating herself on the floor, unmindful of people around her. One of those who took shots said the worker had said at one point, “Ako ang tagapagligtas ninyong lahat!”.

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