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Pinay in hospital with injuries after Happy Valley carpark accident

16 October 2018

By The SUN

A Filipina domestic worker was injured early this morning, Oct 16, when a vehicle pulling out of a carpark on Broadwood Road in Happy Valley reportedly bumped the car of her employer that she was cleaning.

The woman, surnamed Midriano, was sent to Queen Mary Hospital by officers who responded to a report of the accident at 9:18 am, a spokeswoman of the Police Public Relations Branch told The SUN.

The spokeswoman said the helper was conscious when taken to the hospital. She could not say if the driver of the car was arrested, only saying that an investigation was still being conducted.

The scene of the accident as shown on Facebook
Staff at the Philippine Consulate said late in the afternoon that they had not yet received any information about the accident.

Eyewitnesses said the wayward car was a Jaguar sport utility vehicle.

The wayward vehicle was reportedly being driven out of the carpark when it bumped into the car of Midriano’s employer, injuring the helper who was cleaning the vehicle at the time.

Photos of the accident were circulated on social media by a user identified as “Jeffrey” by other netizens.

The post said: “Kawawa naman si kabayan, nag ka car wash lang inabutan pa ng nag malfunction na Jaguar. Happened (on) Broadwood Road, Happy Valley. Minsan talaga di mo masabi buhay ng tao. Pls (ipag) pray natin si kabayan.”
One of the photos showed the victim lying on the carpark lot with an overturned pail beside her, and some dark liquid spilled on the floor beside her. A female security staff of the estate was standing guard while apparently awaiting the arrival of police and paramedics.

Other photos showed a red Jaguar SUV with a wrecked fender and hood, while an adjacent white car is shown also with a dented hood. Another photo showed paramedics surrounding the Filipina on the ground, apparently just before she was driven away to the hospital.

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