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‘Duterte’ and ‘Kim’ tour Pinoy haunts in HK

03 February 2019

Pandemonium broke out as 'Duterte' and "Kim entered St Joseph's church (photo by Jade Sanchez)

By The SUN

Was that President Rodrigo Duterte accompanied by his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un going inside St Joseph’s church in Central to hear mass earlier today, Feb 3?

Many of the churchgoers, most of them Filipinos, did a double take when two men who resembled the two leaders showed up for the 1pm mass and went straight to the front pew.

One of them, zumba dance leader Jade Sanchez, was among those initially fooled, but she then realized that the men were mere look-alikes because there were no security people around. Instead, a lone Western-looking man reportedly followed them around to take pictures.

“At saka hindi naman binanggit ang pangalan nila sa misa,” she said.

Pictures she shared showed the men doing Duterte’s signature clenched fist salute when they entered the church’s main hall.

Afterwards, they gamely posed for pictures with some churchgoers.

Two Filipino community leaders at the church were, however, not amused.

“Hindi po ba bawal yun? Nanggulo sila sa misa?”, the two said in a chance encounter in Admiralty afterwards. “Hindi na nila nirespeto ang simbahan.”

Sanchez said that although several women scrambled to have their pictures taken with the impostors after mass, they already knew by then that the whole thing was a prank.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and eyeglasses
A close-up photo taken in World-Wide shows the impostors do not really resemble the two leaders. 

A day earlier, the two were also spotted going around Central, and even included a visit to WorldWide Plaza, a favorite haunt of Filipinos. Another netizen showed them lining up to get a bite in one of the alleys.
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
Lining up to get a bite in the alleys (photo by Vincent Yao)
 As with those who saw them in St Joseph’s church, all it took was a second (or third) look before they realized they had been had. All in good fun, though. Many took the opportunity to take a picture of the two, who often smiled obligingly for the cameras.

The only question that remained was, “What was that all about?”

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