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Lantern carnivals and displays set

16 February 2019

A performance by the Hubei Arts Troupe will showcase ethnic songs, dance and martial arts. 

The Lunar New Year have have passed, highlighted by a fireworks display on Feb. 6 at the Victoria Harboir, but the celebration is not over yet.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department will present a wide range of activities including festive lantern carnivals and lantern displays for public enjoyment, to celebrate the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival.

Admission to all activities is free.

Three Lunar New Year lantern carnivals featuring a variety of activities will be held at North District Park on February 17, at Tin Shui Wai Park and Ginza Square on February 18 and at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HKCC) Piazza on February 19 from 7.30pm to 10pm.

Folk craft masters from Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong will give demonstrations on Xiguan copperware making, Luxi murals, juci (ceramic repair), guqin making and dough figurine crafting at the three carnivals.

Dazzling lanterns will be on display at the three venues.

The Hubei Arts Troupe, supported by the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will also showcase spectacular ethnic songs, dance and martial arts performances.

In addition, dazzling lanterns will be on display at the three venues from February 14 to February 19 for public enjoyment.

The first lantern carnival, to be held at North District Park on February 17, will feature the theme of “Sweet Melodies of Spring Lantern”. Colorful lantern displays will light up the Park including a 5-metre-high revolving lantern, lanterns of little pigs and fishes, and impressive bouquet and windmill lanterns.

In addition to the above programs, the carnival will feature Chinese juggling, kunqu and Taoist music performances, and participatory activities such as workshops and a self-help lantern riddle quiz corner.

The carnival at Tin Shui Wai Park and Ginza Square on February 18, with the theme of “Embracing Tradition”, will showcase programs such as nanyin, Chiu Chow puppetry, face-changing and juggling performances, in addition to workshops and a self-help lantern riddle quiz corner. The lawn and fountain of Tin Shui Wai Park will be decorated with traditional lanterns including a Chinese Zodiac Garden, Pigsy from “Journey to the West”, a phoenix lantern over 4 meters high and the Eight Immortal lanterns. 

The carnival at the HKCC Piazza, themed “Date under the Moon, and Love is all around”, falls on the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival. The carnival will feature a variety of music and dance performances, a circus show, anecdotes and a lantern riddle quiz corner.

Festive lanterns are also on display to add a joyful ambience to the Lunar New Year celebrations. A thematic lantern display, “Glittering Peacocks in Full Bloom”, running until February 24, showcases various eye-catching peacock lanterns including a giant peacock lantern over 5m tall and 15m long. Its long glittering tail forms an archway between two pools.

Furthermore, the exhibition on traditional paper crafting, presented by the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Office, will be held  until February 19 to demonstrate the craftsmanship of a local master. The exhibition will present 11 palace lanterns and a revolving lantern with illustrations of Chinese zodiac animals and the ICH items of Hong Kong by a local illustrator.

The program “Youth Night” will be held at the above three venues on the date preceding each carnival from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, showcasing the energy and creativity of young people with multifaceted programs.-- HKGov

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