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Set your goals, OFWs told

07 March 2019

Father Johnson Dhos (second left, front row) joins the  participants. He expressed delight that his parishioners are taking the course.

By George Manalansan

“Goals that are not written are just dreams or wishes”. This statement by Brian Tracy, a famous sales trainer and personal success authority, was quoted by a trainor from Card Hong Kong Foundation during an outreach at Holy Family Parish in Choi Hung on Feb. 17.

Participants were told that for their financial goals to be realized, they must be written down, and acted upon.

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Card trainor Cecil Eduarte provided tips on coming up with effective goals. She said they must be specific, clear, measurable by money, attainable according to income, relevant to one’ s lifegoal and must be time-bound and written down.

Trainors from Card HK, which provides financial literacy training to overseas Filipino workers, were welcomed by Fr. Johnson Dhos of the parish. He was so delighted that his Filipino community group received a much-needed training that he gave each Card trainor a lai see packet as a token of appreciation.


Equally appreciative were those who took part in the seminar. Among them was Lito Villaluz 43, a  Bicolano who moved to Hong Kong four years ago after working in Saudi Arabia.

He said: “I know of a lot of OFWs who are broke due to a lack of financial education. Thus, we’re grateful to the Card Outreach program as I am now more confident about writing my goals and make them happen with guidance from our Creator.”


Another participant, Lanie Bacolinao 43 from Iloilo, said the workshop will help her to budget her income more because one of her kids needs constant medication because of a heart problem, and she still supports her father. Despite her tight budget she knows she still has to save for future needs, so she is keen to look for ways to add to her income by learning more skills through livelihood workshops like the one that Card also provides.

Card will have a second session at the same venue on Mar 17.

The event was made possible through a collaboration between Card lead trainor Vicky Munar and the Filipino community at the parish.


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