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Pinay clings to life after apparent stroke, another suffers mild heart attack

04 June 2019

By Vir B. Lumicao
File:Queen Mary Hospital 2.jpg
Queen Mary Hospital in Pokfulam

Two Filipina domestic helpers remain confined in Queen Mary Hospital today; one of them comatose following an apparent stroke on Saturday, Jun 1, while the other is suspected to have had a mild heart attack on Jun 2.

The stroke victim, Lernie S. Buscas, was rushed to the hospital in Pokfulam after she collapsed while serving breakfast to her employer. This was according to her friends who were contacted by the employer immediately after Buscas fell unconscious.

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Buscas is said to be in intensive care and has not regained consciousness despite a brain surgery soon after her admission.

Rodelia Villar, leader of Domestic Workers Corner and a friend of Buscas, told The SUN that a doctor attending to the patient said her brain was not functioning but she was still breathing.
Virsie Tamayao, welfare officer of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, said an OWWA team would visit Buscas on Monday evening to find out about her condition.

Villar said the helper’s employer wants a member of her family to come to Hong Kong to attend to her in hospital, but the passport of her mother, a former OFW, has expired.
“Kawawa naman yung friend ko kasi walang kasama at di pa alam yung status o chance niya na maka-survive,” Villar said.

Her condition was also widely shared on Facebook by friends. One of them shared a photo showing the unconscious patient with her head shaved and attached to a life-support system.
One of her friends, Lindy Paclibar, said Buscas is in her 40s, single and is from Santa Barbara, Iloilo.

Paclibar also relayed the news about the other OFW patient, Ma Corazon Leynes, who was rushed to hospital after showing symptoms of a mild heart attack. But her condition won’t be known until OWWA’s visit to the hospital this evening.
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