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Magistrate’s helper denies stealing $1,000

31 August 2019

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The $1,000 bill was allegedly taken from a locked box

By Vir B. Lumicao

A magistrate’s Filipina domestic helper has pleaded not guilty in Eastern Court to stealing a $1,000 banknote from a locked box in her employers’ bedroom.

Lady Lynne Robinion entered her plea on Aug 30 before Magistrate Bina Chainrai, who scheduled the maid’s trial on Oct 24. The defendant was released on bail.
The prosecution said the magistrate’s wife, Joey, gave two locked boxes to a second helper in the house and asked her to put them in the bedroom. The employer also gave her the $1,000 bill to store in one of the boxes, then make sure it was locked.

Robinion was arrested by police on Jul 30 in her employers’ home on Hong Kong Island after Joey reported that the banknote which she had placed in one of two locked boxes had disappeared.
When officers checked the defendant’s mobile phone, they reportedly found out that it had been topped up with a $1,000 load.

The officers later traced the top-up load to a nearby Circle K store, where they found the missing bill allegedly used by Robinion to pay for the load.
The prosecutor said police are still examining the text messages in the seized phone.

The prosecution is set to call six witnesses, including the second Filipina maid, and the cashier at Circle K. The defense said it will not call any witness.

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