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Maid jailed after being held at airport for 2-year-old jewelry theft

17 August 2019

Ringor was arrested for the theft at the airport just as she was about to fly out

By Vir B. Lumicao

The long arm of the law finally caught up with a Filipina domestic worker who stole $21,000 worth of jewelry from her employer two years ago.

Normal L. Ringor, 41, was sentenced to four months in jail at Kwun Tong court on Aug 16 for the theft.

She pleaded guilty to the offense before Magistrate Joseph To, nearly a month after her arrest at Hong Kong International Airport as she was about to leave the city.
She had been put on the Immigration watch list after police investigators found Ringor had pawned a ring, three gold jewelry pieces and four necklaces between March and July 2017.

These were among the pieces of jewelry that her former employer, Li Shen, had reported missing in March 2017. Li said he had kept a diamond ring, a gold pendant and a gold medal in an unlocked drawer in his three-year-old son’s bedroom in their flat on Tower 16 at Ocean Shores in Tseung Kwan O.
Li said he put the pendant and medal in the drawer in September 2014. Then in January 2017, he added a diamond ring in the drawer.

On Dec 7, 2017, Li said he wanted to wear the jewelry but could not find them in the drawer. He asked his wife and son whether they had taken them but they said no.

The employer said no one could have taken the jewelry from the drawer other than the members of his household.
He reported the theft to the police, who searched the house and Ringor’s belongings but did not find the jewelry.

Shortly after the incident, Li terminated the contract of Ringor, who he hired as domestic helper in September 2014. The maid apparently found another employer.

The police who continued to check pawnshops eventually discovered that Ringor had hocked the eight pieces of jewelry while in Li’s employ.

At around 7:30am on Jul 20 this year, Ringor was arrested at the Hong Kong airport as she was about to board a flight out of the city.

During police questioning, Ringor admitted stealing Li’s jewelry in March 2017 because her father died. She said she pawned them in Central but could not remember the date and the name of the pawnshop.

Her lawyer said in mitigation Ringor had stolen the jewelry because she needed around $10,000 for her father’s funeral. He said Ringor was remorseful and asked for a lenient sentence.

But Magistrate To dismissed the plea, saying Ringor had committed a serious breach of trust.
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