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Polo begins suspending agencies for failing to provide hotline

21 August 2019

By The SUN

Villafuerte warns of extending the suspension
for those who continue resisting the order
Hong Kong employment agencies have been trooping to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office the past several days to comply with an order to submit their hotline numbers to avoid a two-day suspension.

But those who failed to meet the Aug 15 deadline were immediately told they could not submit contracts for processing for two days.

The order was issued by Polo during a meeting with agency representatives on Aug. 8, amid concerns the widening anti-extradition protests could hinder communication between the agencies and their new recruits.

This is particularly true at the Hong Kong International Airport, where new security measures have made it difficult for agency representatives to meet workers arriving in the city for the first time.
At the meeting, the agencies were also told they must supply Hong Kong SIM cards to the workers even before they leave the Philippines so they will be able to call for help should it become necessary.

Agencies were given until Aug 15 to submit their hotline numbers, or face suspension.

Polo Officer-in-Charge Antonio Villafuerte says those that continue to resist the order even after being suspended face having their penalty extended to five days.
But so far, he said only a few of the nearly 500 accredited agencies had yet to comply with the order.

“Walang namang angal ang mga agency,” said Villafuerte, adding that some already had supplied a hotline even before the order was issued.
Six agency associations reportedly complied as soon as they were told of the requirement, but Polo could not immediately say how many agencies had failed to meet the deadline.

All those who did not comply had their document processing suspended without warning on Monday and Tuesday.

That prompted most of them to scramble to submit their hotlines so the processing of their contracts could resume immediately after the two-day suspension.

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