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DH jailed for child abuse appeals conviction

27 September 2019

Vivo's lawyer says the magistrate was very selective in considering the evidence

Filipina domestic worker Angela Vivo, who was sentenced in Kowloon court today, Sept 26, to nine weeks in jail for ill-treating her boy ward, has been granted bail while appealing her conviction.

Vivo’s lawyer, Phil Chau, filed an appeal notice immediately in the District Court after the sentencing, then applied for bail.

The defense lawyer told a representative of Christian Action, which is giving Vivo  shelter, to apply for legal aid for the appeal.

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He said Magistrate Raymond Wong should have acquitted Vivo based on the evidence.

Earlier, Wong turned down Chau’s request for an impact report on the victim before imposing the sentence.

Vivo, 51, was found guilty on Sept 12 of two charges of ill-treating her ward but was acquitted of another count of ill-treatment and two charges of indecently assaulting the now 11-year-old boy, identified only as “X.”

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Wong sentenced the Filipina to six weeks on the first charge of assault or ill-treatment for allegedly injuring the boy’s scalp by pulling his hair sometime in July 2016.

He imposed three weeks for the other assault which allegedly happened on Dec 7, 2018. Vivo was accused of pinching X so strongly in his left arm that it left a “very painful” bruise.

In her defense, Vivo said she was forced to to grab the boy’s arm to save him from an oncoming truck after X ran on the road when his mother refused to buy him a toy. She denied the hair-pulling incident.

Both assault allegations were made only after Vivo pursued a claim for long service pay  against her employer at the Labour Tribunal after her contract was terminated. – Vir B. Lumicao
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