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Japanese man on trial for alleged rape of Chinese-Filipina

17 September 2019

By Vir B. Lumicao
The rape trial is on its 3rd day at the High Court
A Japanese man is on trial at the High Court on a charge of raping a drunk woman he rode with on a bus in August last year.

The victim, identified only as “Miss X” and described by the prosecutor as a Chinese-Filipino, was reportedly very drunk at dawn of Aug 5, 2018, when she took a red minibus in Central going to  Mong Kok, two witnesses told the jury on Sept 17.

But when she got to her senses, the 25-year-old Miss X realized she was in the Kowloon flat of the “Korean man” who had sat next to her on the minibus, and that he had raped her, the court heard.

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The suspect has since been identified as Kaise Hiroki, a Japanese.

The alleged victim’s 19-year-old Filipino boyfriend, identified only as BF, gave evidence for the prosecution, along with her Nepali female co-worker.

BF, currently an unemployed chef, told the court he was in his girlfriend’s flat in Kwai Chung, New Territories, on the night of Aug 4 waiting for her to come home after she went out with some friends for a birthday treat in Lan Kwai Fong at 11 pm.

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Around 2am the next day, he reportedly spoke with her on the phone and learned that she was already on the minibus to Mong Kok, where she would take another minibus to Kwai Chung.

That was the last time he talked to “X” that night. He said he made more than 50 calls to her, but she did not pick up. Around 5am, “X” finally called and told him she was downstairs.

BF said that when X got inside her home she was drunk, throwing up and crying. He asked her why she came home so late, but she said she would wash her private parts first.
When “X” got out of the washroom, she wrapped herself in a towel. Still crying, she embraced him and told him she had been raped.

X allegedly told her boyfriend it was the “Korean” who was standing in front of her in the queue for the minibus who raped her. Her Nepali co-worker and another friend who had seen her off had reportedly asked the suspect earlier if that was the queue for the Mong Kok minibus.

BF said he prodded “X” to report to the police but she initially refused, saying she did not want her father to learn about it because he had a heart ailment.
She then left to sleep in her room while he sat in the living room checking her phone looking for messages from friends she was with that night. At about noon, he went out to play basketball in Southorn Playground in Wanchai.

But that evening, BF accompanied “X” to Princess Margaret Hospital for a check-up because she allegedly felt something was inside her. From there, they went to the police desk in the hospital and made an initial report before they went to the Shamshuipo police to formally report the incident.

On cross-examination, the defense counsel pointed out inconsistencies between BF’s evidence and his statement to the police, but the witness said the officer who took his statement could not understand him even if he was pointing out mistakes.

But he admitted he signed the statement because he had no sleep, was very tired and had no energy to read it.

The next witness, a Nepali student who was doing a summer job in the same restaurant as X, said she and her male friend Jack went with the alleged victim to a pub in Lan Kwai Fong before midnight on Aug 4 to have cocktails as a birthday treat.

Afterwards they moved to a bar where they took shots of vodka. After that the two escorted X to the minibus stop and saw her take the seat next to the defendant.

A 30-minute video of the police interview with the defendant was played back, and a summary of the report made by the pathologist who examined X read out. The report said signs of penetration of X’s private parts were seen during the examination.

The trial continues.

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