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Filipina denies stealing $1k from barrister employer

12 November 2019

By Vir B. Lumicao

Robinion's trial will resume on Nov 24 in Eastern Court

A Filipina maid has denied stealing $1,000 from her barrister employer, then using the money to top up her Alipay account.

Lady Lynne Robinion, former helper of barrister Joey Yuen, took the witness stand on Nov. 8, the second day of her trial at Eastern Court.

Robinion told her lawyer Helen Ki that the money she used to top up her Alipay account on the day police arrested her was a loan from her fellow helper.
The maid said she opened the Alipay account in May this year as a more convenient means of sending money to her mother and her children in the Philippines.

However, Yuen said in her testimony earlier that she had given the $1,000 to her other helper, Rose Suarez, to put in a deposit box in the maid’s room

Robinion said she was hired by Yuen in March 2018 to cook, clean the house and look after the employer’s six-year-old son.


“I clean the flat and do most of the work because the other helper focuses on my employer’s daughter,” said Robinion.

She said her relationship with her ward and male employer was good.

On the day Yuen told the maid that her money was missing, Robinion said she knew nothing about it. When the police came and asked her about the money, she said she began to cry.
During cross-examination by the prosecution lawyer, Robinion got confused when asked about details of her remittances to her mother and children.

When asked how much of her monthly salary she was sending to her mother, she said $2,000 to $3,000. The amount goes to paying for her children’s needs, rent of Php6,000, house expenses and bills.

The rent was $600 to $700, she replied when asked how much would rent be in Hong Kong dollars. In total, she said, her monthly remittance was Php15,000 to Php18,000.

But when the prosecutor asked her how many times she sent money to her mother and children through Alipay from March to July this year, she admitted it was about 20 times.

Robinion was the only defense witness and the last to testify in court during the trial presided by Magistrate Vivian Wong.

Yuen and Suarez both gave evidence on the first day of the trial on Oct 24.    

Wong adjourned the trial until Nov 29, for the continuation of the prosecutor’s cross-examination of Robinion.

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