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Civil service exam ruled out for HK because of low pass rate

04 December 2019

By The SUN
Of about 1,000 who took the first and only civil service exam in HK in 2016, only 47 passed overall 

The Civil Service Commission has ruled out holding another examination in Hong Kong for overseas Filipino workers who want to join government service in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, this is apparently because the CSC was disappointed with the dismal result of the first and only civil service examination held here in November 2016.

Of the 676 college degree holders who took the professional level examination then, only 17 passed, for a 2.5% pass rate.


In the sub-professional level, taken by those who have less than four years of tertiary education, only 30 of the 277 takers passed, for a success rate of 10.8%.

Acting Labor Attache Antonio Villafuerte said Polo will nevertheless continue asking for the civil service exam to be held here for Filipino overseas workers who are looking at working in government as a career option.

“We will keep trying to convince them to administer the exam here,” Villafuerte said.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
ALA Villafuerte says he will keep pushing for the civil service exam to be held in HK again
But if the CSC does not change its position, he said Filipino migrant workers can try other means of taking the exam, like registering for the test online and scheduling their vacation in the Philippines around the exam date.

The civil service eligibility examination is given multiple times a year in the Philippines, and can be taken through one of two modes: paper and pencil test (PPT) or computerized examination (Comex).

However, both modes require pre-registration, and for the examinee to be physically present at a testing venue.
Examinees can take the test using paper and pencil, or a computer
Welfare Officer Marivic Clarin said she had written to CSC on Apr 14 at the instruction of then Labor Attache Jalilo dela Torre, to relay the request for the test to be held here again.

She said she received no written reply, but a CSC official called her up later, saying the commission was concerned about the poor showing of the Hong Kong examinees, which made the administration of the exam here not cost-effective.
Clarin said this was a pity, as there are new government jobs opening up in the Philippines now, and OFWs should have the same opportunity to try and qualify for them.

There has also been a salary upgrade for those working in government recently, making top-tier posts pay competitive salaries. A division chief, for example, now gets a starting pay of around Php100,000 per month.

Those who hurdle the sub-professional examination will qualify for clerical, trades, drafts, and custodial service positions.

Those who pass the professional examination will acquire a “Career Service Professional” eligibility, which will qualify them for first-level positions or second-level scientific, technical and professional positions up to division chief level.

Dela Torre arranged for the civil service exam to be held here on Nov. 27, 2016 as part of the government’s reintegration program for OFWs.

About 1,000 OFWs in Hong Kong and Macau took the career service eligibility exam which was held at the Delia Memorial School in Kwun Tong.
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