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5 Filipino musicians, 1 waitress among new Covid-19 cases in HK

25 March 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

A gig by the Lan Kwai Fong band

Five Filipino band members who played regularly in Lan Kwai Fong have tested positive for Covid-19, one day after their soloist was struck down by the disease.

The musicians, three males and two females, were among 30 new cases reported in Hong Kong on  Mar 24. Their nationality was confirmed with Consul General Raly Tejada the next day, Mar 25.

A Filipina waitress who works in Insomnia bar on D’Aguilar street where the band played, was also among the new cases.
Earlier, Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection informed ConGen Tejada that one newly arrived Filipina domestic worker had tested positive for the coronavirus disease.

She flew into Hong Kong from the Philippines on Mar 20, and was confirmed to have the disease two days later, while on  home quarantine.

The 7 new cases made up the biggest number of Filipino patients recorded in a single day since the pandemic spread to Hong Kong in late January.

Congen Tejada had said earlier that it was unusual for the CHP not to alert him immediately about a case involving a Filipino. 

He said he listened to CHP’s briefing about the new cases earlier in the day, and got the impression that the band members were foreigners who had shared instruments, which could have caused the virus to spread among them.

However, various media outlets have already identified the musicians as all Filipinos who were with the same band as the 29-year-old male soloist confirmed to have the disease the previous day.

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According to the reports, the Filipinos played regularly in Insomnia, and also in two bars in Wanchai –Centre Stage and Dusk Till Dawn, both on Jaffe Road. Colleagues said they were hired by a company called Step by Step Ltd. HK.

The musicians were listed down by CHP as:

Patient no 362, a 34-year-old female residing on Caine Road, Mid-Levels. She was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital without any symptoms but tested positive.
Patient No. 364, 38 years old, male. He had fever when admitted to QMH on Mar 22. He is the only one with recent travel history in the group.

Patient No 384, 26 years old, female. He was admitted to QMH on Mar 23 with itchy throat.

Patient No 386 is 48 years old, male, and resident of Lantau. He had a cough on Mar 21.

Patient No 387 is 38 years old, male. He experienced malaise starting Mar 22.

Also linked to them is Patient No 360, the 30-year-old female waitress who developed a headache on Mar 22. She is confined at QMH.

Patient no 383 is the 39-year-old Filipina domestic worker who developed a cough and diarrhea on Mar 22, two days after arriving from the Philippines. She was on home quarantine in Tai Po when she fell ill, and was moved to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital.

To date, 16 Filipinos in Hong Kong have tested positive for the virus. Four were discharged from hospitals after recovering, while the rest are still undergoing treatment.
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