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HK government services gradually return to normal

02 March 2020

Joshua Law, secretary of civil service (second left) in a visit to thr Official Languages Division

The Hong kong government is gradually resuming its public services, although taking care to reduce the chances of Covid 19 spreading through its offices.

Department secretaries and bureau directors today visited their respective offices to learn more about the implementation of measures to reduce social contact and control infection to protect the health of their staff and members of the public, the government said in a statement.


The officials learned, for instance, that flexible working hours have been implemented to reduce staff using public transport during peak hours, and a roster system was adopted to reduce the number of staff working in an office at any one time. Staggered lunch hours were also implemented.


Among the infection control measures implemented at government buildings and offices to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of the virus include enhanced cleansing of public facilities, such as lifts and escalators, checking the body temperature of persons entering government buildings and offices, providing alcohol hand sanitiser and sanitising mats, etc.

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In addition, government offices also restrict the number of visitors at any one time by making use of measures such as scheduled appointments, drop boxes, quota system, etc.

“The government will stay vigilant as fighting the epidemic remains our top priority, the statement said. “Bureaus/departments will continue to implement targeted measures to reduce social contacts and measures for infection control, and gradually resume more public services to meet public expectations.”

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Meanwhile,  public hospitals reported to the Department of Health the admission of 55 patients (23 male and 32 female, aged four to 101) in the past 24 hours who met the reporting criteria of COVID-19. Appropriate tests have been arranged for the patients.
     There are 125 patients under isolation currently. So far, 36 patients with the COVID-19 infection have been discharged upon recovery.
     The Hospital Authority will maintain close contact with the Centre for Health Protection to monitor the latest developments and to inform the public and healthcare workers on the latest information in a timely manner.

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