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CG reports, all Filipinos in HK free of Covid-19

02 March 2020

By Daisy C L Mandap

Congen Tejada happily shares the news with Filcom leaders at the consultation meeting 

Consul General Raly Tejada has said all eight Filipinos who were put under quarantine in Hong Kong have been released after showing no symptoms of Covid-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

He also told Filipino community leaders who gathered for a consultation meeting at the Consulate on Sunday, Mar. 1, that the remaining Filipina Covid-19 patient should be released anytime, for repeatedly turning out a negative test result for the virus.
The second Filipina was diagnosed as having Covid-19 on Feb 29, after being admitted to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital with a fever. The 29-year old domestic worker was taken to hospital the day before, after her 60-year-old employer was found infected.

Congen Tejada said the patient is in good health. “In fact, wala nang nararamdaman,” he said.

The first Filipina to be diagnosed with the disease was set to be released from the same hospital a few days earlier, but doctors reportedly wanted to do more tests to make sure she has fully recovered.

Congen Tejada addresses the community leaders.

“The first patient is supposed to be out already, but the Hong Kong government is being very cautious,” Congen Tejada said.

The 32-year-old domestic worker was asymptomatic when admitted to the hospital on Feb. 18 after her 67-year-old employer tested positive for the disease. After an initial positive result, all subsequent tests on the Filipina turned out negative for the virus.

“We are in constant touch with them,” said Congen. However, since the patients are kept in isolation, the communication by the Consulate with them has only been through telephone calls.

From what they have been told, Congen Tejada said both patients are being looked after well, and are given everything that they need. “So we just tell them to follow what they are told.”

As for the quarantined Filipinos, he said all have been released after the 14-day mandatory period for observation, “so zero na ang naka quarantine.”

He thanked the Filipino community for their help in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and also for coming together to appeal to the Philippine government to lift the travel ban on Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong, meanwhile, has had its first day in more than a week when no new case was reported, keeping the overall tally steady at 98.

But a 68-year-old former passenger on the virus-stricken cruise ship, Princess Diamond, anchored off Japan, is undergoing further testing after returning a “weak positive” result in an initial test.

Elsewhere, specifically in South Korea, Italy and Iran, the picture is getting more grim.
There are now more than 4,000 cases in South Korea, mostly in the epicenter, Daegu, after 500 more cases were reported Sunday. Four more people have died, bringing the total death toll to 22.

In Italy, the number of cases has risen to 1,128, with 29 deaths.

And in Iran, a member of a presidential advisory council has died, becoming the country’s first top official to succumb to the disease.

Expediency Council member Mohammad Mirmohammadi is one of 66 people to have died, out of 1,501 confirmed cases in the country. Iran has the highest death toll outside of China.

Among those taken ill is Vice-President Masoumeh Ebtekar, along with the head of an inter-agency task force on the disease.

The number of Covid-19 cases worldwide is now nearing 90,000, with over 3,000 deaths, after just over two months since the virus was first detected in the Chinese central city of Wuhan.

China still has the overwhelming number of cases, at about 80,000, and 2,900 deaths.

But the virus is fast spreading, and has emerged in nearly all continents, except Antarctica.

Among the countries that have expressed alarm recently over the contagion is the United States, which has recorded two deaths in as many days.
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