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Another FDH returns to HK with Covid-19 as total tally hits 1,000-mark

11 April 2020

By The SUN

The FDH flew in with her employers from the United Kingdom

Another foreign domestic worker who went with her employer’s family to Britain for two months is among the 11 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Hong Kong today, Apr 11, which took the city’s total to 1,001.

The 32-year-old helper was in the United Kingdom between Feb 1 and Apr 7, and had fever on Mar 28. She tested positive while under home quarantine in her employer's residence in Garden Terrace on Old Peak Road.
Her nationality was not immediately disclosed, but all three previous FDHs who tested positive after arriving from the UK with their employers are Filipinas. 

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Four other Filipina helpers were also found infected after arriving with their employers from France, Turkey, and two from the United States.
At least four other Filipinas have tested positive after arriving from Manila.
Of the new cases, only one was a local transmission. The 29-year-old woman had been to the All Night Long Bar in Tsim Sha Tsui, where a big number of the so-called bar cluster cases has been detected. Her boyfriend had tested positive earlier.

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At today’s press briefing, Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection again warned against people congregating in large numbers as what happened on Friday, the start of  the four-day Easter holiday.

“I observed that during Easter holiday a lot of people are going out, either to the restaurant or other place, so if they take public transport and they go to crowded places I think (they) need to maintain social distancing. Try to avoid going out as much as possible,” Dr Chuang said.

Dr Chuang says people should stay at home as much as possible during the long Easter holiday

Meanwhile, health officials have decided that starting on Monday, Apr 13, all residents arriving from the United States and European countries will need to take their mandatory deep throat saliva samples directly to the testing centre at AsiaWorld-Expo and wait for the results.

Only when the number of arriving passengers from the said countries exceed the maximum capacity of the testing centre will some be allowed to submit their saliva samples and go home for the mandatory 14-day self quarantine.
If they test positive, the passengers will be admitted to hospitals as soon as possible for treatment while those who traveled with them will be deemed as close contacts, and put in quarantine centres. 

Those who test negative will be allowed to go home for the 14-day monitored quarantine.

This procedure has been observed for all new arrivals from the U.K. starting on Apr 9, after test results showed that a majority of those who test positive for the virus have flown in from the country.

All other arriving passengers will still need to collect saliva samples, but they have the option of submitting it directly to AsiaWorld-Expo, or ask a relative or friend to submit the sample for them while they are undergoing quarantine.

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