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Two Pinoy defendants ordered arrested for jumping bail

25 April 2020

The arrest order was made by an Eastern court magistrate
Two Filipino males, both permanent residents, were ordered arrested and their bail money confiscated after they failed to show up today, Apr 24, for the hearing of their separate cases in Eastern Court.

Magistrate Arthur Lam issued warrants for the arrests of G. Mariano, defendant in a burglary case, and E. Lopez Jr, who is facing an assault charge for allegedly hurting his wife in a domestic dispute.

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Lam was scheduled to hear charges of “aiding and abetting burglary” and “burglary” filed against Mariano and his co-defendant, Filipina resident C. Francisco.

But when their names were called out, Francisco was around but not Mariano.

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The magistrate ordered the case hearing reset to May 15 and ordered Mariano's arrest. 

After the lunch break, Lopez was nowhere to be found either, after his name was called for the hearing of his case.A police officer went out of the courtroom to call out the defendant's name but got no answer.
The prosecutor said the defendant was arrested on Feb 22 after he assaulted his wife. She said the defendant should be arrested and his $2,000 bail money confiscated. – VB Lumicao

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