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World-Wide House says a Filipina did visit its shopping mall, citing CHP

14 April 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

World-Wide Plaza is a favorite shopping place of Filipinos  

The World-Wide House management said today, Apr 14, that a woman under home quarantine, which government records show is a Filipina, did visit its building on Apr 8.

The woman, who was in the Philippines between Mar 17 and Apr 8, apparently went straight to World-Wide House on her arrival at the airport aboard a Cathay Pacific flight from Manila. She then went into mandatory quarantine in her  residence in Constellation Drive, Taipo.

Despite not showing any symptoms, she was found to have Covid-19 on Apr 10 and was taken to North District Hospital for treatment.

A staff of World-Wide House management said they confirmed the information directly from the Health Department’s Centre for Health Protection.

But the CHP did not give additional details, like which part of the building was visited by the woman, whether it was the office block or the adjacent shopping mall frequented by Filipinos.
This was after a CHP spokeswoman denied the link to World-Wide House during a  phone call with The SUN on Easter Monday, Apr 13. This being a public holiday, the World-Wide House office was shut.

On Sunday, Apr 12, management sent out an advisory to shop owners and tenants advising them of the infected woman’s visit, and said it was going to disinfect the whole building that day.

The staff said the disinfection was carried out in the office block earlier that day, and in the mall after the shops were closed that night. She said the building or the mall will not be closed down after the disinfection.

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She also said the CHP’s Chinese website ( does mention World-Wide House in connection with the Filipina woman, identified as patient no. 981.

There is also a mention of World-Wide House among the list of buildings visited by an infected person in the CHP’s website.

In its advisory to shop occupants, World-Wide House management said it recognized their concerns, and had therefore ordered a “thorough cleaning and disinfection of public areas and facilities (of the building) immediately.
World-Wide House advisory affirming that an infected woman had visited the building

World-Wide Plaza, the building’s shopping mall, attracts thousands of Filipino domestic workers on weekends and public holidays. Over the four-day Easter break, the mall was reportedly crammed with people who took advantage of the good weather and a big dip in Hong Kong’s daily infection toll to venture out.

Earlier, another rumor, since denied, had been passed on by Filipinos on social media about an infected Indian woman who supposedly works in one of the remittance centers in World-Wide House.

It turned out the woman was working in another building along Des Voeux Road in Central.

But this did not stop Filipino netizens from insisting that the rumor was true, prompting the owner of one pinpointed shop to threaten those spreading it with a lawsuit.

The report about the infected person’s visit has spooked many shopowners already reeling from the double impact of the anti-government protests last year and the coronavirus outbreak that started early this year, which have kept many of their customers away.

One shop owner says having World-Wide tagged as a possible source of infection could result in even greater hardship for them.

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