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Only 1 infected Filipino still in hospital says Congen

12 May 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

Worst is over for the Filipino community in HK, as only 1 Filipino still in hospital, says Consulate 

Only one Filipino infected with Covid-19 is still in hospital in Hong Kong as of today, May 11, according to Consul General Raly Tejada.

“Isa na lang talaga,” Congen Tejada said.  That means that 18 other infected Filipinos reported by Hong Kong’s Health Department to the Consulate up until Mar 27 have been discharged after recovering.

The Consulate first relayed the news on its Facebook page on May 8.

Congen Tejada made his statement as no new case was again reported in Hong Kong, leaving the total tally for confirmed cases at 1,048, with one suspected case. Of these, 982 have been discharged from hospitals, leaving only 56 patients still confined.

Yesterday, three cases were recorded, all involving newly arrived residents. Two flew in from Pakistan, and the other from the United Kingdom.

There has been no local case for the 22nd straight day, raising hopes that there will be a further relaxation of social distancing rules.

However, the Centre for Health Protection said in a statement today that it is investigating the case of a 70-year-old female resident who returned to Hong Kong on Sunday.

The patient’s saliva sample turned a positive result so she was taken directly to hospital from Hong Kong International Airport.

When asked, the patient said she had already tested positive in Britain, which means her case would have been recorded there so Hong Kong need not include her in its list. The CHP said it has contacted the British health authority to get more information about the case.
Meanwhile, CHP’s records show at least two other Filipinas who recently returned from abroad, one from London and the other, from Manila, have also been discharged.

The first, a 32-year-old domestic helper, flew in from London with her employers on Apr 7, and tested positive four days into her home quarantine.

The other arrived from Manila on Apr 8, and tested positive on Apr 10 while under home quarantine. Her case caused some concern in the community as she reportedly went straight to a bank in World-Wide House from the airport, before starting her home quarantine.

Another confirmed case, a 29-year-old male student in the Philippines who tested positive on Apr 18, one day after arriving from Manila, has also been discharged. The patient is reportedly an ethnic Filipino with a HKSAR passport.
Some patients in the 'bar cluster', including Filipino musicians and family members, are still in hospital
However, the records also at least three other  Filipinos, mostly musicians included in the so-called bar cluster are still in hospital, where they have been confined for more than a month. They are all males, aged 33, 39 and 44, and were admitted to hospital on Apr 3, 5, and 6, respectively.

Also still confined is the 16-year-old son of a Filipina waitress at Insomnia bar, who was moved from a quarantine center to the hospital after testing positive on Apr 7.

Asked why the Consulate appears not to have been alerted about their cases, Congen Tejada said, "We just rely on what are reported to us are Filipinos. The others are probably Hong Kong passport holders."
The CHP has been testing mostly newly arrived residents at the airport and are made to wait for their results before being allowed to leave. If they test positive, they are taken straight to a hospital; otherwise they are sent home to self-quarantine for 14 days.

The rules have been changed recently with residents returning in large numbers from “areas of unknown epidemic situation” like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and South Africa.

The Health Department has ordered that said returnees be taken straight to quarantine centers for a 14-day compulsory quarantine period after collecting their deep throat saliva samples at AsiaWorld-Expo testing center.


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